Capturing Intense Flavor With Takis

May 4, 2023

Takis just dropped a new flavor, so obviously we had to make a video about it — and let me tell ya, this shoot was equally fun as it was messy! At LISH HQ, we’re no strangers to getting our hands dirty — we always love going above and beyond to get the perfect shot! 

So how did we capture the insanely intense (though not spicy) new flavor of Takis? Come along to find out!

2 gallons of nacho cheese, please

The main ingredient — nacho cheese — was the star of the show. So what did we do? Order 2 gallons of nacho cheese to bring the intensity up a few notches!

We shot mostly everything in slow motion so that we could capture the cheese in action! We also could’ve thinned it out with some water to create a more dramatic splash, but maybe next time!!!

Cheesy manicures for the win

Takis make the perfect snack. Can you put them down after just one serving? Didn’t think so! And to capture their perfect snackability, we needed a cheesy manicure to match!

We covered press-ons in adhesive spray then dipped it in orange color powder to achieve that perfect cheese-dusty look. It wasn’t edible of course, but it definitely fit the overall aesthetic and vibe of the video (and totally reminded me of what your fingers actually look like after eating a few handfuls of Takis).

Everything orange

Finally, we created a monochrome set right in our photo studio! Yep — we didn’t have to search far and wide to find the perfect totally orange kitchen. With the help of backdrops and spray-painting props, we were able to do it in-house! The tile was just a simple, peel and stick subway tile that we spray painted orange! And Amazon had a set of the perfect orange utensils, that included the container, so we were good to go!


The final product

Wanna see how it ended up? Catch the final video below!



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