The Pillow That Can Do It All: Our Latest Brand Shoot With Purple Mattress

December 11, 2023

Ready to get a better night’s sleep? Then you’ll love our latest shoot With Purple Mattress

This ultra-cozy set of images and videos included their new travel pillow‚ the Anywhere Pillow, designed to be your go-to source of comfort anywhere you go. The pillow is actually just a smaller version of their super popular Harmony Pillow (which is music to my ears because that’s the pillow that I sleep with every night) and they also created a super chic travel case that you can pair with it to make it even more compact for traveling.  Whether you need a pillow you can take from the bed to the couch, or something you can use while on the go during car trips and plane rides, this pillow can do it all!

Highlighting What Makes This Pillow So Cozy

Our goal was to showcase the many uses of this pillow through lifestyle imagery “around the house” and through studio images that really tell the stories of the user. 

We even brought in a special guest to help us out. Safe to say the Purple pillows are Mona-approved!

Take this pillow anywhere, literally!

The pillow isn’t just a great addition to your home — you can also take this pillow with you virtually anywhere. Hence the name, The Anywhere Pillow! So, we produced a series of knolling images for this brand photoshoot that feature different personalities and trip types so customers can picture how to pillow could fit into their own lifestyle!

Packing my Hospital Bag with Purple Mattress

We even created a video about packing a hospital bag, which of course included the pillow! And with a newborn on the way, the timing for this release couldn’t be better. See the pillow and the other essentials that I packed in my bag below! 

Want more coziness? 

If you want to cozy up with more content from Purple Mattress, check out the post below. We gave my bedroom a complete makeover to transform it into a set for some of their most luxurious products — mattresses (of course) linens, sheets, blankets, and more!

See the full project here!


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The Pillow That Can Do It All: Our Latest Brand Shoot With Purple Mattress

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