Feeling Fresh With Kroger Produce

May 19, 2023

At Lish HQ, some of our favorite brands to shoot are the ones with all the food! We get so many ideas for our shopping list. So of course when we worked with Kroger and their agency, Dentsu Creative, for a recent project, we rushed right over to our nearest store and filled our baskets high!!

Take a look at how everything turned out!

Kroger has the freshest produce!

Name a fresher store than Kroger — we’ll wait. And we don’t just mean their coolness factor, we’re talking about their produce! Dentsu Creative put together some great concepts, and we were honored to bring them to life on video. After shopping at Kroger, we headed back to our studio to capture the produce. 

Let’s see those fresh fruits and veggies in action!

The berry waterslide of our dreams

We have to start out with our favorite part of it all — a blueberry waterslide! Look how fresh everything looks in motion!!


We also sliced the most perfect strawberries (even if it took us a few tries to get the perfect chop!) and stacked up some drool-worthy berry pancakes. Are you hungry yet??


The perfect avocado slice doesn’t exi…

Wait…yes it does! Check out how we sliced dozens of fresh avocados, perfected our knife skills, and put it all together with some recorded peeling sound effects!

Oranges on oranges on oranges

We cut dozens of juicy oranges, used a washcloth to create a mouth-watering drizzle, and made a gorgeous bubbling sangria to bring out the juiciness of the oranges! BRB while we go grab a glass!

Lazy Susan to the rescue!

Who knew bell peppers and a lazy Susan made such a good duo?? We motorized it, cooked the peppers up on a hot plate, and served up a great shot. Here’s how it turned out!!

Bananas and…milk?

We chopped up dozens of bananas and dunked them in a gallon of milk. And we know…sounds odd, but you just have to watch until the end to see how cool it is!!

Making a splash with apples

For our final piece of produce, we picked all the best apples, dropped them in a puddle of water, and sent them spinning around on the same lazy susan we used for the peppers. It’s a culinary masterpiece if we do say so ourselves!!

Let LISH help you bring your next shoot to life!

Whether you’ve got delicious produce like Kroger, or a paper product like our fan-favorite Avery, nothing can quite capture your brand quite like video content can! If you need a general brand video or a detailed product tutorial…we can make it happen!!

Get in touch with us here to learn more.


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