Making Toothpaste Magic with Crest Kids

January 10, 2024

The LISH Creative team has worked with a wide range of brands since we started in 2016. But in 2023, we got to cross the most famous brand of toothpaste off our list! A definite first for us. 

In a recent shoot, we got to capture all the magic of Crest Kid’s new line of innovative, color-changing toothpaste! We pulled our resources together and got to work creating out-of-the-box, kid-friendly, assets for their latest influencer-style campaign — which also included paid ads.

Check out how one of the final videos turned out below!


A toothpaste that changes colors? You have our attention!

One of our biggest goals was to show off the toothpaste’s color-changing capabilities in a fun and exciting way. I’d definitely say we had to get creative with this one, but we LOVE how it turned out!!

First, we showcased a kid’s monochromatic bathroom scene changing from blue to pink. Then, we highlighted some tooth-paste foamy water during the color-changing process. Impressive enough for parents, interesting enough for kids!


For an extra fun touch, we also made a rhinestone magic wand shaped like a tooth as one of the props! This may just be my favorite part!


Showing off the data…but make it FUN

There were some data points that we needed to highlight too. It was important that we didn’t lose the purpose of the product in the midst of all the light-hearted, kid-friendly, fun. 

But to keep things eye-catching, we used piping bags to “write” with toothpaste, and even formed letters out of toothbrushes. It’s definitely one of the most unique uses of props we’ve ever had on set!


Bring your own products to life with a little help from LISH

Putting our heads together and finding creative, but impactful ways to show off our client’s products is what we do best. If you’ve got something new launching in 2024, or you want to revamp the branding of a pre existing product, give us a call. We’d love to help you bring your products to life!

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