Enter the MIST-i-cal World of DevaCurl

February 9, 2023

There’s little we love more than a good prop…and when that prop shimmers? The photoshoot is already a winner in our books! So when DevaCurl asked us to come up with a concept for their new product, Mist of Wonders™ and told us to bring the shine…we delivered!

Iridescent props are our newest obsession

This has to be the most dazzling project we’ve worked on. Why? Because nearly every prop we used for this shoot was iridescent! Even the models’ nail polish matched!

Actually, because this was a brand new product, it also came with its own branding — you’ll only see these types of props with Mist of Wonders™ because of the iridescent treatment on the label! So naturally, we had to find ALL things shiny, like shoes, handbags, candles, scrunchies…even a few disco balls!


Putting it all together

Even though we’re O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with these props, we never want them to overshadow the products itself, or in this case how amazing it makes your hair look!

In this example, to keep attention on those curls, we ordered a custom hair clip with “wonder” (as a nod to the product name) spelled out on it

A monochrome look, in this case monochrome metallic, is another way to make the product really pop. Look at how her hair and product leap off of the tinsel! 


And if you think the stills looked good…then you’ll love how they turned out on video!!



Want to know how to make your own photo shoots shine like DevaCurl?

Here at LISH, we have a TONS of fun with our photo shoots — it’s hard not to when you’ve got colorful clients and the props to match! But there’s a method to our madness, and it starts with an in-depth planning sesh. 

This includes planning the concept of the shoot (and making sure it’s colorful, fun, and 100% on-brand!), listing out props and where we can source them, the actual location of the shoot, and anything else we may need (sometimes that includes lens covers when things get messy!). 

When you plan things out, you take out the uncertainty by getting the logistics out of the way, leaving yourself lots of room for creative freedom!

If you want a step-by-step overview of how you can do this in your own brand photoshoots, check out the rundown here!


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