Peet’s Coffee Shoot: Refrigerated & On-the-Go!

August 15, 2022

Some mornings are just plain hectic. And I’m not sure about you, but here at LISH HQ, we’re no strangers to the weekday morning crazies. We’re also pretty well acquainted with making a morning must-have: sweet, magical, irresistible coffee. 

So when Peet’s Coffee reached out to us and asked us to create a shoot centered around their new line of ready-to-drink refrigerated coffee beverages, we had to say yes (coffee samples, hello!).

To highlight that fast, on-the-go lifestyle that Peet’s new drinks are perfect for, we used different locations around town and shot quick clips at each one! We coordinated each one by the flavor’s packaging color and created an opportunity for a fun transition between each scene. Taking things out of the studio created a super cool effect that definitely suited this quick coffee option. 

To pull this off, we collected monochrome props to match each bottle and feature in their designated shots. We used things like a powder-blue Fujifilm Instax Camera, a gorgeous burnt orange sundress, and the cutest turquoise dog leash. Yes, we did feature our resident furry friend, Mona, too!


Great things come in fours!

The new blended, bottled, and chilled Peet’s Coffee drinks come in four amazing flavors: Coffee & Cream, Chocolate Truffle, Caramel Dulce, and Vanilla Creme. In order to do all of these flavors justice, we wanted to create separate shoots for each, highlighting the color of the bottle and the pattern on the label. 


To pull this off, we hired a professional manicurist, Trilla Nails, to create custom press-ons to match the packaging. She is incredibly talented and worked under a tight deadline to get the nails to us in time. When we put it all together it’s truly shocking how closely the nails match! Amazing!


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Stop, go, stop, go

For the other feature in our Peet’s Coffee video shoot, we experimented with stop-motion stills that, when all smushed together in a video format, makes total movie magic! The video features each of the four Peet’s blended coffee bottles, a glass being filled with the coffee, and the special flavor ingredient coming in and then out of the frame. The magic? No hands!

With the stop-motion technique, you’re technically cutting out recording altogether and just using a ton of closely related shots to make the objects appear like they’re moving when the pictures flip through in a video format. This technique might take a lot of time, but the results are definitely worth it! 

Don’t take our word for it, though! Check out how the final product turned out! 

Want to see more colorful LISH projects?

Working with creative brands like Peet’s Coffee is our favorite part of this job. We always have the best time figuring out how to bring these products to life using our cameras, the best props, and some unconventional setups.

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And if you want to partner with us for YOUR brand, contact us today


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