Join Me @ Holy Matcha October 10th!

San Diego!!!! I am visiting next month and I will be speaking at the East Village Holy Matcha on October 10th for Matcha Mornings!! I will talk about my journey and share some styling tips that you can immediately put…

Surprise Wimbledon Proposal & Engagement!

Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of this day of love, we’re finally sharing our proposal and engagement photos! I wrote my side of the story, and then Graham wrote his side. It’s his first time writing for the blog so…

Q4 Q&A + Road Trip VLOG!

Last week, I announced that we were driving from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh as the start of 3 months of traveling away from Los Angeles. With the announcement, we were met with lots of questions, and requests for a VLOG!…

Bermuda Photo Diary & FREE Wallpapers!

Last week, I had the opportunity to travel to Bermuda thanks to the Hamilton Princess Resort. My friend Amy Tangerine was also up for the adventure so we spent 3 nights staying in the “pink palace” and traveling around the island to find the colorful gems. Which, by the way, was not difficult because Bermuda was one of the most colorful destinations I have ever visited!

Click through to get straight to the photos & FREE mobile/desktop wallpapers, & read on to learn more about the trip and Bermuda’s history:


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Bermuda Photo Diary & FREE Wallpapers!


March Recap & Prop Haul


Q4 Q&A + Road Trip VLOG!