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Full Studio Reveal: How a Professional Organizer Helped Transform My Space

It’s REVEAL DAY! Getting the LISH Creative Studio organized with the help of a professional designer has been quite a journey. I’ve shared why I needed help and some early progress pics, and even more exciting transformations of the workspace…

4 Tricks For Eliminating Glare In Product Photography

So many photographers and biz owners I know struggle with photographing products! We may make it look easy in the final photo, but it can be really tough to get your lighting and angles right.  One thing that nobody likes…

How to Style a Pegboard

If you’ve been following along with my posts on working with a professional organizer, you might’ve seen some sneak peeks of the changes to the LISH Creative studio! Thanks to Nikki from NEAT Method Pittsburgh, I’m getting the most out…

Working with a Professional Organizer, Part 2

So many of you enjoyed reading about my experience hiring a professional organizer that I thought I’d update you with a new blog post about what it was like working with a professional organizer! As you know, I desperately needed…

2020 Gift Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs

Do you have someone in your life who’s just…a boss? Someone stylish and business-savvy who kicks ass at being an entrepreneur? I know a lot of fantastic creative entrepreneurs who are rocking their photography, blogging, content creating, or social media…

2020 Gift Guide for Dessert Lovers

Fellow dessert lovers out there, raise your hands! I can never turn down a delicious cookie or cake or piece of chocolate. And for us dessert people, the holidays are an even more magical time. Desserts make easy, thoughtful gifts,…

2020 Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

Have you met my sweet goldendoodle pup, Mona?  She was quite the model for my recent professional organizing project and has been helping me in front of the camera since she was only a few months old! Just look at…

2020 Gift Guide for Color Lovers

I know it’s going to come as a shock, but I love color. There’s just something about vibrant pinks and blues and yellows and greens that I adore. I’m super grateful to be able to work with brands that share…


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