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Stickers Through the Decades: A (Very) Retro Photoshoot

At LISH HQ, our favorite hobby has to be indulging in all things throwback. Jelly shoes, butterfly clips, and 80s and 90s jams, Polaroids… you get the idea. But we got to take it all the way — to the…

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Best of 2022 With LISH Creative

Well folks, this is it. 2022 is almost over — and what a RIDE this year has been!  From exploring cool new tricks and techniques in our photography studio, to working with some amazing brands, to sharing what we’ve learned…

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DevaCurl Digital Animation & Stop-Motion

We were asked by DevaCurl to do something bright, fun, and fast for their new DevaFast Dry and Curl Knockout products. Sounds right up our alley, right? We worked on a mix of photos, videos, stop-motions and our new digital…

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Bringing More Color to Breakfast with a Froot Loops Video Shoot

Here at LISH Creative, we pride ourselves on working with the world’s most colorful brands. Obviously when Kellogg’s Froot Loops showed up in our inbox, our jaws DROPPED at the opportunity to work with the world’s most colorful breakfast cereal! …

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Avery & Amy Tangerine: The Colorful Collab of Our Dreams!

Dream client alert: Avery asked us to shoot a three-part video series to feature their collaboration with Amy Tangerine. We’ve already had the pleasure of working closely with the Avery brand before, but it was so much fun to see…

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Peet’s Coffee Shoot: Refrigerated & On-the-Go!

Some mornings are just plain hectic. And I’m not sure about you, but here at LISH HQ, we’re no strangers to the weekday morning crazies. We’re also pretty well acquainted with making a morning must-have: sweet, magical, irresistible coffee.  So…

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