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The Perks of Shooting With Don Francisco’s Coffee

When Don Francisco’s Coffee contacted LISH Creative, right away, we could tell we were gonna get along! Don Francisco’s Coffee started on a small farm in Cuba and they have passed the secret of amazing coffee down through the generations.…

Dream Client Alert: Bath & Body Works Shoot

You know Bath & Body Works. They create the most amazing-smelling candles and body products. What you might not know is that this was a total dream client for us! I mean, who doesn’t dream of working with colorful and…

5 of My Favorite Reusable Photo Backdrops

Are you looking for some photo backdrops that you can use more than once?? If so, you’re in the right place! As much as I love paper photo backdrops, it’s so nice to have backdrop options that can be used…

5 Photo Props Under $10 to Make Your Photos 10x Better

Do you love props as much as I do? If so, be careful! You can end up spending way more on props than you ever anticipated! While you want to create fun and exciting new layouts for your shoots, you…

4 Ways To Work With LISH Creative

If you’ve made it here, that means you’re looking for some help with your photography or social media videos. You’re also here because you know that having a consistent, professional online presence is central to your brand’s success.  So what…

Photo Styling Tips: Garden Gloves Edition

Did you know that I respond to styling and business questions on my TikTok account? Sure do! Recently, I replied to one of my TikTok followers who needed some inspiration and photo styling ideas for a shoot involving garden gloves.…

Crazy Things I Do for My Job

If you think I am just a photographer…think again! Sometimes I’m a creative director, photographer, food stylist, producer, project manager…..and sometimes I’m an astronaut. We can be anything we set our minds to, right? The truth is, I am a…

Client Case Study: Trulieve Cannabis Photoshoot

Here at LISH Creative, we recently connected with Trulieve, one of the top-selling cannabis brands in the United States. They found us on TikTok of all places and we were really excited to get to work with them. What’s Trulieve?…


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