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Food Styling Hack: Fake Coffee | LISH Creative

Food Styling Hack: Fake Coffee If you’ve browsed around the LISH Creative blog, you know I’ve talked about some fun photography tricks and food styling hacks before!  Like how I created stacks of peaches for a stop-motion video (and got…

3 Tips for Creating a Viral Video | LISH Creative

3 Tips for Creating a Viral Video Quick, tell me what you think of when I say the words, “viral video.” Go! Depending on your social media platform of choice (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and what age group you belong…

Take Better Photos: Flower Fields | LISH Creative

Take Better Photos: Flower Fields Edition I recently took a quick trip to Carlsbad, California, and got to test my *brand new* camera for the first time! While I was in California I also had to check out some Instagram-worthy…

5 Types of Camera Modes | LISH Creative

5 Types of Camera Modes (and Why I Love Manual Mode) What does it mean to be a real, professional photographer? To be more specific, do “real photographers” only use certain types of camera modes? Like, for example, manual mode? …

TicTac Case Study | LISH Creative

Fresh Breath & Stop-Motion: Tic Tac Photoshoot Case Study Who’s ready for a refreshing behind-the-scenes peek at another photoshoot? This time, our photoshoot case study covers my recent work with Tic Tac!      Tic Tac and their agency, Golin,…

Iridescent Photo Backdrop | LISH Creative

Create Your Own Iridescent Photo Backdrop Got leftover gift wrap from your Easter basket or Mother’s Day presents? Don’t toss it! You can repurpose it and reuse it as a cool iridescent photo backdrop. I’ll show you how in this…

4 Productivity Hacks for Creative Biz Owners | LISH Creative

4 Productivity Hacks for Creative Biz Owners One of the most common struggles we all have as small business owners is feeling like we have to wear all the hats when it comes to running our businesses. Let’s be honest…

Behind the Scenes Photoshoot | LISH Creative

Behind the Scenes Photoshoot with Evan Williams I have a treat for you all today that’s one part client case study and one part behind the scenes photoshoot! If you enjoy cocktails or Kentucky Bourbon in particular, then you’ve probably…


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