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How to Get Everything in Your Flatlay in Focus

Flatlays. We all love ‘em! There’s just something aesthetically pleasing about looking at objects arranged on a flat surface, right?  Flatlay photos are a really cool way to tell a story or create a specific message with a variety of…

The Best Camera for Beginners

Calling all photography newbies!  If you’re searching for your very first DSLR camera and feeling overwhelmed by all the choices out there, I got your back. Keep reading to see which camera I recommend most for new photographers and why!…

How to Use Wrapping Paper as a Backdrop

Ready for a fun holiday hack that puts your extra gift wrap to good use? If you’re tired of the same old, same old photo backdrops you’ve been using, switch things up and use wrapping paper as a photo backdrop…

How to Make a 2021 Vision Board

What do you want to see happen in 2021? A boost in clients? Higher revenue? A fresh new website for your biz? Or maybe you have some non-business goals, like prioritizing self-care, becoming a better cook, or simply being kind…

My Best Tip for Creating Condensation in Food Photography

What makes a photo of a beverage look really mouthwatering? A great photo can make a drink look icy cold and refreshing. And it can make you extremely thirsty just by looking at it!   View this post on Instagram…

My Five Favorite Photography Lenses

When you’re just starting out with photography as a hobby or very early in your career, you can get away with using one or a few lenses. But when you’re a professional photographer who needs to create a variety of…

How to Style “Milk” Splashes in Your Commercial Photos

Browse through the LISH Creative Instagram and you’ll see that I shoot a lot of food in my work with clients and their brands! I love the challenge of making food look fun or interesting or downright drool-worthy. But…guess what?…

Full Studio Reveal: How a Professional Organizer Helped Transform My Space

It’s REVEAL DAY! Getting the LISH Creative Studio organized with the help of a professional designer has been quite a journey. I’ve shared why I needed help and some early progress pics, and even more exciting transformations of the workspace…


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