How to Make Your Videos Stand Out

April 22, 2022

Whether you like it or not…the future of business marketing is video! If you haven’t jumped on the video train quite yet, we are here to help jump right in.

We’ve talked time and time again here at LISH Creative about using videos to boost your brand awareness and drive engagement on various digital platforms, like social media, websites, and more. But how can you capture your audience’s attention long enough to get them to stop the scroll and watch your video? 

Diving into the world of video marketing may feel like a huge undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be! Here, we’re breaking down how you can create videos for your business that stand out and make your brand “stick” in the minds of your customers.

Take your customer on a journey

The social media scroll is never-ending these days. People scroll and scroll until they find something eye-catching that grabs their attention long enough to stop and check it out. Creating videos that are entertaining, visually dynamic, and to the point will capture your audience’s attention. 

Check out this video we created for Avery, one of our very favorite clients to work with! What do you notice? What stands out?


We had our models pass one of Avery’s binders through various scenes, starting in the kitchen with the girl and her dad and working all the way until the last stop in the office. The passing of this binder brings viewers on a journey, encouraging them to watch until the very end! By adding the binder, it drives the continuity of each scene in the video.


Transitions are key

The majority of the time, videos are shot in multiple takes with multiple scenes and shots. The question is, how do you merge these shots and scenes together to make the video seamless and cohesive? 

Video transitions! They are the glue holding various shots and scenes together! Take a look at how we brought this video for Avery together… and try a few of our favorite transitions for yourself!

1) Snaps. I like to use snaps in stop-motion AND Reels.

2) Push towards the camera. This is great if you’re trying to connect two scenes! 

3) Jump. This one is great if your video has people! They can jump to transition to different settings, or even just to switch outfits 



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The best video transitions add a little something extra to your videos, making them just that much better than other videos floating around right now. We intricately weaved these scenes together by bringing Avery’s products into camera view and back out again, revealing the next scene. 

It’s your turn!

Ready to dive in and create videos for your brand and clients? Slay the Flatlay is here to help!

Creating videos that capture your audience’s attention takes skill and practice. Whether you are just starting out building your photography business, or you want to take your videos to the next level, this course will give you the inside scoop to the exact skills and processes we use here at LISH Creative. 

Sign up today and receive…

● Instant access to 5+ hours worth of content

● A stop-motion styling and editing bonus lesson

● A 25-page resource guide breaking down every single piece of equipment we use on our shoots

You’ll also get access to our short-form social media trainings to help you catch eyes, stop the scroll, and grow your following online.



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