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Turn your still images into captivating social videos in one week flat, with our image animation services!

Turn any image into a scroll-stopping social video


Product images and brand photos are a must-have in this visual world we live in. But what happens after you’ve used those assets a couple of times? They usually get stuck in a digital file to use occasionally – and the investment you made in them is short-lived.

Plus, with the shift to short-form video, many brands are finding that their flat lays, still shots, and product photos just aren’t grabbing people’s attention like they used to. Your audience is consuming fast-paced, visually dynamic content — and it’s time to make the shift.

But don’t write your old assets off just yet. With digital animation, we can help you turn THIS:

Into THIS:

Monthly asset animation services — made easy!


If you want to animate your images, graphics, or even video and create fast, fun, and novel content, hop onboard the Digital Animation Station. This is a new monthly subscription service that lets you extend the life of your asset library so you can create consistent (and eye-catching) social and ad content. 

This monthly motion service is as easy as…



Upload the photos you would like turned into videos. You can leave a note for us with ideas, or trust us to make some magic!


We add eye-catching motion to your photos by separating elements into different layers and then we put it back together as a video! Magic!


Want to hear the best part about our monthly animation services? Your files are ready to use within a week and come in 3 aspect ratios! 

Each asset we create includes:

  • Up to 3 aspect ratios included for each asset (think feed posts, story posts, ads, etc.)

  • Music + special effects as needed

  • On-screen text as needed

  • 1 round of revisions

  • Final assets (3-10 sec in length)

Digital animation is the next evolution in your brand’s content


The human eye is drawn to movement — and in an online world, you want to draw as many eyes to your brand as possible. Digital animation can help you:

Capture attention with motion! 

Create higher-converting ads

Save $$$ on production

Repurpose existing content

Test new creative with your audience

Refresh and extend the life of assets

Decrease need for recurring shoots

Diversify your brand’s mediums

Your brand wants to stay ahead of the curve. Digital animation is a simple, cost-effective, and fast way to do just that.

IMG_0070 (4x6)

Why recruit LISH Creative for your digital animation needs?

As a creative production agency, we work with colorful, bold brands to help them create image, video, and animation that stands out and shines.

Unlike other digital animation services, we are a custom animation agency — meaning we take into account your brand, your goals, and your assets. No automated animation happening here!

Plus, because we offer other content production services, the Digital Animation Station can help you create… then ANIMATE!

Hire us for an annual, bi-annual, or quarterly photo or video shoot to capture new products and launches. Then, you can add on a monthly motion package to receive fresh new social media-first videos to use as part of your marketing strategy.

OR you can recruit our help to turn your existing asset library into a living library of engaging, dynamic animations!

With LISH Creative, it’s easy to:

Create killer content that attracts your audience
Consistently build your asset library for less $$$
Cut down on wasted time & money


See how we’ve brought other brands’ content to life

Bring your images, graphics, or video to life in one week


Want our help turning your existing assets into animations? Need help creating images or short-form video and want to add on a monthly motion package? Learn more about our Digital Animation Station services and how to get started.

You’re just 1 week away from all-new animations that extend your investment, wow your audience, and save you $$$$$.

Crista Funk, Sr. Communications Manager, Yes To

“I know that when we work with LISH we’re getting well thought out ideas and the final product, that not only represents our brand, but takes our identity to a new level. Also, the turn around on content creation is…

Raffi Apelian, Content Marketing Manager, Mixbook.com

“Alisha always goes above and beyond with not only her idea pitches but her executions as well. We always know we’re going to be blown away by her work.”

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