Avery National Sticker Day Promo Video

February 22, 2022

As a household name, Avery’s got you covered on the labels and stationery front: They create everything from stickers and labels to paper products, cards, and so much more. And with our obsession for office supplies here at LISH HQ, you know this was a client match made in heaven!

We’ve been working with Avery since 2018 and, as one of our favorite clients, we were really excited to help them showcase their rich and meaningful history with a video for National Sticker Day


The history of stickers

This video was a fun little walk down Memory Lane — we took it all the way back to the 1930s! Back in the 1930s, stickers didn’t automatically stick! You would have to use a glue pot to apply a label or moisten the pre-applied dry glue with water before putting a label on. Imagine that! It wasn’t until Stan Avery created the first self adhesive label in 1935, and the first modern sticker label was born. Yup — we have Avery to thank for our fun sticker collections…

We created a Youtube ad video for Avery to share their incredible story, using lots of drawing and sketching to showcase their most popular products used on the daily. They asked us to take this same video and create a new promo video to celebrate National Sticker Day, January 13th. 

Avery logo made out of rainbow office supplies

Shooting the video: behind-the-scenes

Since this video was originally for a different use, we tried to think of way to efficiently repurpose and make it fresh for national sticker day. We started by tweaking the voiceover then added some animation and motion graphics (like confetti and a birthday hat!) to really get the message across. 

Avery’s birthday

National Sticker Day is celebrated on January 13th, which also happens to be Stan Avery’s birthday! We resized the video to all different sizes so that the brand could share this new video across all channels in honor of the celebration. 

Avery Birthday Yellow Background

Video campaigns to move your business forward

Whether you’re a household name like Avery or a startup on the rise, we want to connect with clients who want to share their products, ideas, and brand through video. Creating content like this YouTube video for Avery is just one way we’ve supported them (and other clients) with video content that helps reach goals.

If you like what you’ve seen here, let’s connect! Contact us and let us know what you envision for your next project… and let’s start creating!

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Here at LISH Creative, we specialize in live video, motion graphics, stop-motion and short-form video. Past clients have used video for YouTube ads, Facebook ads, explainer videos, TikTok content, and so much more. Want to see what we can come up with for your brand? Contact us today. 


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