Avery WePrint Video Shoot

May 4, 2022

Picture this – you open the front door and see a brown box from Avery sitting on your porch. Inside, you find the custom labels you ordered for your brand new product launch! 

Brown Avery box on a front porch

We helped Avery, one of our long-time clients, showcase their incredible online printing abilities through a series of one-of-a-kind videos. “WePrint so you don’t have to!” is the tagline that inspired us to illustrate how easy it is for business owners to use Avery’s online printing service to help make their business look and feel more professional in less time! 

Check out some behind-the-scenes on this shoot. What do you think!? 

Can your printer do THIS?

With custom printing through Avery, business owners just like you can get your business looking more professional in a snap! From high-quality labels to postcards, business cards, and everything in between, Avery can deliver incredible products straight to your door, with no minimums or hidden fees. 

purple holographic custom avery labels laying on table with woman’s hands peeling one off 


It’s a no-brainer to help your products really POP, adding shelf appeal, so you can focus on the most important parts of your business. Let Avery, the label experts, handle the rest!


candles displayed on a shelf with custom Avery labels


All about the SHINE

Goo-Gone was our BFF during this shoot, as we made 9 fake brands to create fun metallic and holographic finishes on labels. Using Canva for the logos, we built out a full suite of branding materials for each label. Then, we sourced products and removed the labels, replacing them with our own custom labels to show off Avery’s printing capabilities! [Add any other details about inspiration behind shoot, product sourcing, idea of fake brand for labels, etc]

Here’s how one of the videos turned out…


One-stop shop

Our goal for our clients is to make their lives easier! Did you know we spend 80% of our time in the pre-production phase, building full storyboards and scripts before ever bringing the camera out?

From prop sourcing to set design and everything in between, we use all these pieces together to create a higher production value with finished products that exceed what you envisioned!

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If you want brand imagery, stop-motion, and video to help you feature your brands’ best offers, we want to help! LISH Creative is currently booking clients — inquire here!


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