Let’s Face Reality… With a Video Shoot

April 5, 2022

Have you ever struggled with acne?

Chances are, you’ve had some kind of struggle with your skin, whether it was back in your middle school days or even now. We teamed up with Face Reality to create a series of videos to help them share their products with their consumers and acne experts. 

Face Reality has a 90% success rate for their customers after 3-4 months, so you can imagine our interest in helping get the word out to more people hoping to heal their skin. Check out how we compared Face Reality to a variety of different products in this video shoot, keeping the info super digestible and fun!


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Say goodbye to side effects!

Did you know there are potential side effects and risks that can come from acne prescriptions? This video explains how Face Reality differs from prescription acne treatments! Instead, we showcased how Face Reality offers a personalized, safe, and effective acne routine where the only side effect is CONFIDENCE! Can we get an AMEN! 


Dry skin, anyone?

The problem with over-the-counter skin care products is that they can leave your skin feeling dry and can actually cause more acne problems – no thanks! Check out how we showcased WHY Face Reality helps you get clear and stay clear. 


“Clean” ≠ clear

Natural ingredients aren’t always safe! While “clean” beauty products are advertised as acne-safe, they don’t always bring you the clear skin you are hoping for. Here’s what we created to show their audience to turn to Face Reality for a safe and personalized routine!


Calling all estheticians 

How epic would it be to find an acne expert near you who could help you find the perfect skincare regime, designed just for you? Not only does Face Reality create incredible products, but they provide education and support to help estheticians become acne experts and help people with their skin problems!


Using video to showcase your products and your brand

No matter what kind of products or ideas you have, we want to help YOU share your brand with the support of video, just like we created for Face Reality and so many more. Creating content like short films, YouTube videos, or TikToks and Reels are just some of the ways we’ve supported our clients through impactful, colorful, and strategic video content. 

Want our help with stop-motion video, short-form social videos, or even long-form educational or YouTube content? Click here to learn more about working together. We love helping brands like yours bring their vision to video. 


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