Our Go-to Etsy Shops for Photo Props

November 2, 2021

When we are brainstorming different photoshoots and video shoots, we come up with some pretty funky and creative things. We also find props that help us have more fun on set — and showcase our clients’ products in a new way. That means that, sometimes, our props are not found on your average run to Target or The Dollar Store. Instead, we have become regular customers over at Etsy and have found a few Etsy shops we love supporting. Here are just a few of our favorite Etsy shops for photo props (hey, that rhymes!).


One-of-a-kind gift wrap

Gift wrap is not for just wrapping gifts! You can use it as a backdrop, table runner, and a ton of other accents when you are creating unique photos and videos. Our favorite gift wrap seller is Lana’s Shop. We have used her wrapping paper in shoots for companies like Welly First Aid

Lana’s Etsy shop has some of the most unique hand-printed wrapping paper we have ever seen. From cats in sweaters to a watercolor skyline. If you are looking for a wrapping paper, no one has ever seen before, head over to Lana’s Shop. You will not be disappointed.


Pom-poms and garlands 

Backgrounds are always more fun when you have a cute garland hanging! Right now, felt garland and pom-poms are very popular and they let you create a whole new vibe for photoshoots. They can often add a pop of color and can add a fun accent to a table scape. 

When we are looking for felt garland or custom pom-pom garland. We look no further than The Rainbow Barn. Kara is a great seller and her products are even more amazing. You’ll see some of her amazing garland in shoots for Bath & Body Works! You can pick a premade garland from her extensive collection, or you can create your own. This is always so helpful when we have a specific company color or company palette they want to stick with! 


Customized utensils 

Who would have ever thought LISH Creative would be on the search for a customized spoon? But we needed one and The Woodsy Way delivered! Each spoon or utensil is custom-made and hand-stamped, making each one unique. Besides spoons, Lindsey also offers cheese spreaders, key chains, forks, and more. You can see her spoon in our shoot for Don Francisco’s Coffee.

These hand-stamped utensils add a delicate and vintage vibe to any photo and are a perfect way to add a unique touch. 


Colorful envelopes, notecards, and boxes

When shooting videos for different products, we often do “unboxings.” But, the last thing we want is to pull a beautiful product out of an Amazon box — so we are always in contact with Heart Street. We have shot her items in videos and photos for Seagram’s Escapes, Norman Love Confections, Welly First Aid, and more.

Her shop has over 300 different colorful boxes, hand-cut patterned notecards, and so many beautiful envelopes. Thanks to her products, we’ve been able to create some beautiful handwritten notes, and some really fun videos using her notecards and envelopes, and just generally find something for every occasion. It’s wonderful!


Edible flowers

As a content creator, you never know when you’re going to need edible flowers. It’s a thing! Thankfully, Freshly Preserved specializes in freeze-dried fruits and edible flowers and you can find tons of great stuff in their shop. We used their edible flowers in our project with Flighty Premium Mixers. They also have the regulars like apples and bananas plus some extra goodies like freeze-dried caramels, cheesecake, and coconut cream pie! 

And you can eat them — which is the best part of our job. 


Ice, ice baby

Ice is very tricky to shoot, because it melts so quickly under bright photography lights. So honestly here at LISH, if you see ice in a shoot, it is most likely fake and most likely from Set Shop NYC.  

The ice is made of silicone but looks so realistic. We sometimes have to remind ourselves not to toss it in the sink when we are done with the shoot. It comes in a block and you can break it apart into any shape or size of your choosing. You can see the ice at work in photos for Seagram’s Escapes, Flighty, and more.

dragonfruit photo with seagrams escape drink on pink and marble backdrop

Bright decor

By now, you probably have noticed that we love everything BRIGHT! From cake frosting to backdrops, we are all about the bright pinks, blues, and purples! Kalio Chic is our place to go for all bright decor and funky items. We have used so many pieces in projects for Bath & Body Works.

Kara is a joy to work with and everything you see in her shop is completely designed and made by her! She even has sprinkle-filled pens! Kalio Chic and LISH Creative are a match made in bright colored heaven, don’t you think?


High-quality ribbon

You can find ribbon in any craft store in your neighborhood but, if you are looking for hand-dyed, textured, and unique ribbon, check out Anastasia Marie Shop. Stacy has every type of ribbon you can imagine, from velvet to wired ribbon in every shade and color possible. 

These ribbons have appeared in multiple campaigns including Welly First Aid. The ribbon is of such high quality that we can roll it up and use it repeatedly for different projects — which we love because we’re all about reusing! Ribbon can add such a fun effect to boxes, backgrounds, and other little touches here and there, so definitely check out this shop if you’re looking to add to your prop library.

Helping you boost your shoots, one prop at a time!

This list has just a few of our favorite prop stores on Etsy. As we discover more amazing Etsy sellers, we promise to update this list and keep you in the know. If you are looking for other tips on where to find props, our blog has multiple lists, sellers, and unique items to check out. Here are a few resources to get you started:








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