The Perks of Shooting With Don Francisco’s Coffee

October 12, 2021

When Don Francisco’s Coffee contacted LISH Creative, right away, we could tell we were gonna get along! Don Francisco’s Coffee started on a small farm in Cuba and they have passed the secret of amazing coffee down through the generations. No matter what type of product is being produced, whether single serve coffee pods, ground, or whole bean coffee, the family oversees e-v-e-r-y step in their coffee production.

As they like to say, “Coffee is in their DNA!”


Working With Don Francisco’s Coffee

Don Francisco’s Coffee asked LISH Creative to create some professional Reels and still photos for National Coffee Day (which is every day in my house). They wanted to focus on their new recyclable packaging (yay, sustainability), as well as their high quality coffees, like hazelnut and good ol’ pumpkin spice! Here is the lowdown on how it all went down!

Setting the scene 

Using A LOT of fake kitchen sets, we were able to showcase the coffee in a relaxed at home atmosphere. We know so many people drink their coffee fresh from the pot while standing in their kitchen. Being a family-crafted coffee company, the company vibes automatically made us think about drinking coffee at home! Coffee shops are great places to grab a cup, but nothing beats your kitchen. This type of setup allowed us to really connect with Don Francisco’s Coffee customers. 

Give me ALL the coffee pots! 

Does anyone know a better way to showcase delicious homemade brew than with pretty coffee pots? Didn’t think so! We ordered as many beautiful coffee pots as we could find and got to work creating different views using these pots. A definite perk (a little coffee humor there) of the job was getting to try all the coffee and keeping the coffee pots! Although, we’re not sure what we’re going to do with them all…

A caramel styling hack

 Don Francisco’s Coffee’s caramel coffee is delicious‚—it tastes just like a caramel candy (and just typing this makes me want to use one of those pretty coffee pots I bought and brew a single cup or five right now).  

While the shot of this product definitely called for some caramel, the truth is that caramel is sticky, thick, hard to work with, and even harder to shoot. One of my favorite styling hacks is to use palette knives to spread caramel. The palette knives are flat with no rough surface and they allow the caramel to be spread easily over different surfaces! Plus, palette knives come in so many sizes and cute shapes. 

Using visuals to get the message out

When working with companies who have such amazing values and products, it’s so important that we get as creative as possible to help them stand out. Don Francisco’s Coffee is all about being family-owned and sustainable, which are huge pluses in our book. Of course, we needed to figure out a way to share this through our Reels and stills.

First, we wrote some of their messages on napkins. Then we used a coffee cup, writing the message on the side of the cup like baristas do. Finally we just dumped the goods right out of the bag and wrote the words in coffee grinds! This view really showed off the quality of the coffee and their unique message.

Want your next shoot to stand out?

Whether you are a coffee fanatic or tea drinker, we love connecting with clients who fit perfectly with our creative style. Putting together Instagram Reels and still images for Don Francisco’s Coffee was a coffee lover’s dream come true and we are so excited LISH Creative was given the opportunity! 

If you like what you see here or in our other case studies, let’s talk! Contact us and let us know what kind of visual content you’re looking for and how we can help with your next campaign. We’ll get back to you with more information about our services and pricing ASAP!


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