Client Case Study: Back to School With Welly First Aid

September 2, 2021

Welly is a company that sells bandages (aka “bravery badges,” according to their website) and first aid kits in tons of vibrant colors and inspiring designs. 

We wanted to build on past photoshoots to create stop-motion videos and photos that highlight all things fall: leaves, fashion and, of course, going back to school.


Fall colors

After pumpkin flavored everything, the second thing that comes to mind when we think of fall is color, right?

Bright orange, deep red, and golden yellow fall leaves were the perfect inspiration for Welly’s back to school theme. We incorporated them into a stop-motion video that highlights the Welly logo.

Can’t you almost smell the soil and feel the crisp air? This video reminds viewers that Welly bandages will come to rescue after a long day of playing in leaf piles.

To mimic the feeling of a classroom in the other shots we incorporated lighter colors like hunter green, lilac, and baby blue.

Layout and style

For me, a crucial part of going back to school would be organization! To demonstrate this, we created some highly organized spreads with Welly products and props like sneakers and paper clips. 


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In addition to being totally satisfying to look at, the way the props spill in and out of the backpack catches the eye and mimics some of the excitement that comes with a new school year. Those were the days, am I right?!

The neat, straight lines and geometric shapes add to the highly organized feel you might get when opening one of Welly’s first aid kits.

Even in this fun, fashion-forward shot, we added a geometric line background to add some color and highlight Welly’s blister bandages.

pink boot holding up tin of welly blister blasters

Building off of the color-block trend with something even more engaging, we combined four different stop-motion videos to create this color-blocked image. 

The four different videos show off four different Welly products in turn, but are all unified by the same dynamic color palette.

Bright and delicious

Even grown-ups know that lunchtime is the best part of the day (besides recess, of course). 

This salad-inspired stop-motion video was the perfect way to show off Welly’s hand bandages, which are made to bend with you during complex motions like chopping vegetables. 

This fall, many people are heading back to the office, too. W commemorated that with the sweetest of office treats in this photo. 

hand with blue gingham bandages on reaching in to grab donut

In addition to the delicious donut, this shot gives a nice close-up of a Welly bandage, so that viewers can get a good idea of what the product looks like. 

Learn how to shoot products like this

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