5 Photo Props Under $10 to Make Your Photos 10x Better

September 28, 2021

Do you love props as much as I do? If so, be careful! You can end up spending way more on props than you ever anticipated!

While you want to create fun and exciting new layouts for your shoots, you don’t want to buy a unique prop for every single shoot you do! This, my friends, is where you can have a bit of fun and flex your creative muscle. You’ll be surprised by how fun it is to use “ordinary” household objects and other commonly used items to save money on props — and you just might find a new layout that wows your audience or clients!

Read on to see how I have used five props that cost less than $10 each in client shoots in the past so you can get some ideas for your own shoot!

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Wrapping paper

If you’re tired of the same old backdrops, try using wrapping paper instead! All you need is gift wrap you probably have laying around or stuffed in a closet somewhere, invisible tape, and your own creativity! 

norman love chocolates with christmas wrap lish creative shoot

And did you know you buy gift wrap at the dollar store? Some thrift stores even have some! Sweet, right?

Wood blocks

seagrams birthday drinks with balloons lish creative shoot

Wood blocks are so handy to create depth and height in your photos. You can buy a set of them and spray paint them different colors for different shoots. Can’t find wood blocks? Use small packing boxes!

Palette knives

I love to use palette knives for texture shots. Notice how we got creative with caramel to emphasize the ingredients in our client’s chocolate bar? This is a fun way to get messy and add dimension to your flatlays.

norman love confections caramel pretzel chocolate bar lish creative shoot

Foam boards

Foam boards are great to balance light especially when you are shooting with lots of different colors. They are super helpful when you need to set up a photoshoot on the go, too!

Pro tip: Place the foam board opposite of your light source! When you put it in this position, the board bounces the light onto whatever you’re shooting.

Norman Love colorful chocolate lish creative shoot


Sticky tack

Sticky tack is one of my essential products I use for shoots all the time. It helps keep products/props in place after I’ve styled and arranged them for a shot.

Sticky tack is great because it’s a reusable white adhesive. It doesn’t show through paper and it doesn’t stain surfaces! The fact that you can buy it for such a low price and reuse it so much makes it one of my favorite budget-friendly product styling finds. It’s a must-have!

Welly first aid kit playground lish creative shoot


See more of favorite props and backdrops

Want even more prop pro tips? I share some of my favorite places to buy props here. ​​If you’re looking for the exact brand of items I love to use for product styling, check out the Amazon Favorites link on my website! And stay tuned because I’ll be sharing more props for under $10 soon. 


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