Photo Backdrops and Props I’m Loving Recently

August 24, 2021

As a photographer and stylist, I love to use lots of different props, objects, and backdrops for photoshoots to keep things fresh and new. You may be a new photographer who is looking for some ideas for props and backdrops for your shoots, or maybe you are a seasoned photographer needing some new and fresh ideas!

‘That’s why I shared a few of my top backdrops and props that I am loving right now! 

@lishcreativeThat rainbow cube though…!!!#behindthescenes #photographer #phototips #tiktokphotography♬ Aesthetic – Xilo

Read on below to get the links to my favorite items!

Textured cutting board

This creative textured cutting board is great for a snack tray or cutting board, but in my case, it has been perfect for my food photography shoots! The wood is made of pure natural and practical beech wood material that has a uniform texture, soft and smooth tones, rounded edges, and smooth sanding.

arched, textured serve board on table

Colorful stationery

Poketo is a lifestyle brand that sells cute accessories, apparel, home decor, and things like stationery, bowls and plates, and even socks and planners. I’ve found so many great props from Poketo, but their stationery is one of my go-tos for shoots.

stack of poketo grid notebooks

Rainbow cube

The CMY Color Cube is a translucent acrylic cube colored with three primary colors blue, magenta, and yellow on the opposite sides. As angle changes, the three primary colors gradually mix into orange, green and purple, creating a mesmerizing view. I love to use this cube when I need to bring in multiple colors for shoots for my clients.  

rainbow acrylic cube

Mini plant stand

Use this mini plant stand to put nearly anything on display! It features a rich gold hue and round scalloped shape for texture and style perfect for any shoot. It also has an adjustable base stand for uneven surfaces. For size, you can choose between 4” x 8” or 18” x 12”.  

golden scalloped plant stand

Cloud mirror

Using mirrors as a prop is a creative way to use light to your advantage and show various aspects during a shoot! This cloud shaped mirror is made of non-toxic plywood, comes in five different colors, and is 13.4 cm x 9 cm. 

cloud mirror sitting on wooden shelf

Rainbow of notebooks

If you ask me, you can never have too many notebooks! These assorted rainbow notebooks from Amazon come in a pack of 12 for a steal of a price. You will not be short on color options for your upcoming shoots with these.  

flatlay of rainbow notebooks

Looking for more styling help?

Prop styling is so much fun, but it also takes a lot of creativity and hard work! If you’re searching for an all-in-one resource where you can learn the ropes of styling and photography, then try my course, Slay the Flatlay.

alisha john slay the flatlay course

You will receive 22 modules, 4+ hours of content, all covering topics like…

  • Personal branding
  • Content planning
  • Prop sourcing
  • Backdrops
  • And more!

If you want your props to look great, this is the course to teach you!


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