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Our Go-to Etsy Shops for Photo Props

When we are brainstorming different photoshoots and video shoots, we come up with some pretty funky and creative things. We also find props that help us have more fun on set — and showcase our clients’ products in a new…

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Pop-Up Museums & Picture-Perfect Tips

I returned to The Color Factory and The Museum of Ice Cream in September and just let me tell you… these are two of the coolest places I have ever seen! Both are full of colorful and interactive exhibits. They…

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Bringing the Outdoors… Indoors for Our Bath & Body Works Shoot

Here at LISH Creative, we know firsthand that we won’t always have the right weather for outdoor scenes and shoots! So we have to get creative and improvise — and sometimes we have to find a way to bring the…

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Where To Find Fall Leaves… When It Isn’t Fall

Let’s set the stage: You need leaves for your Bath & Body Works fall-themed photoshoot. But it is the middle of August. There are no real leaves anywhere and you need them ASAP!  Our leaf predicament  When Bath & Body…

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The Perks of Shooting With Don Francisco’s Coffee

When Don Francisco’s Coffee contacted LISH Creative, right away, we could tell we were gonna get along! Don Francisco’s Coffee started on a small farm in Cuba and they have passed the secret of amazing coffee down through the generations.…

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Dream Client Alert: Bath & Body Works Shoot

You know Bath & Body Works. They create the most amazing-smelling candles and body products. What you might not know is that this was a total dream client for us! I mean, who doesn’t dream of working with colorful and…

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