IHOP Pancake Palooza? Sign us up!

June 8, 2022

When IHOP calls, you answer the phone on the FIRST ring. We were so excited to partner with the pancake powerhouse to help them find a fun, creative way to advertise their new rewards program – that’s right, as if pancakes weren’t already enough of a reward! 

The day started with us picking up IHOP takeout to bring back to the studio in order to prepare for the shoot. Picture this: We had containers full of more than 50 pancakes to use. The hostess asked if we were having a party, LOL!  It was definitely one of the most fun and best-smelling days we’ve had in the studio! 

Check out some of the fun ways we brought IHOP’s ideas to life during this shoot. Let us know what you think?! Warning: you WILL be hungry after watching this video. 

@lishcreative That syrup drizzle tho!! Who’s ready to STACK UP some rewards with the International Bank of Pancakes? Follow @IHOP + comment for a chance to win free food 😋💰🥞 #IHOP #ad ♬ original sound – Alisha Cohen


No food hacks here

If you’ve watched our TikTok, you know that there have been some weird food substitutes featured in our shoots (Alka Seltzer bubbles, chocolate paint, milky glue!). For this shoot, though, we got to keep it real! 

We ordered all of the pancakes with the toppings on the side to keep things fresh until it was time to catch that perfect shot. Lucky for us, IHOP’s food is a thing of natural beauty, so we didn’t need any scotch guard spray or acrylic blocks between these sweet stacks.

@lishcreative Some super gross food styling tricks….pancake edition!! #photohacks #foodstyling #learnontiktok #photographer #behindthescenes #homemade ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

The best part of this shoot? Building an epic pancake tower! We used skewers to stack the pancakes, crossed our fingers, and hoped for the best. This little tip ended up saving so much aggravation and helped us avoid a leaning tower of pancakes.


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Playing with our food — for a good reason!

We’ve all heard it echoing in our heads in our parents’ voices: “Stop playing with your food!” 

Hey, we get it, but also…it’s the best part of our job! For this shoot, we used so many fun toppings, including fruit, whipped cream, icing, and sprinkles, to build smiley faces and fun phrases to decorate our pancakes for the shoot. 

IHOP pancakes with toppings on plates


Ihop chocolate chip pancake fork

Here’s how the final product turned out!


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