PUMA Kosmo Rider Photo Shoot

June 1, 2022

When PUMA reached out to us to take photos of their brand new shoes, the Kosmo Riders, we were super excited to try something new. Here’s a sneak peek of how it all came together…

Before our shoot day, we knew we wanted to create a whole vibe for this PUMA shoot, so we got crafty. We DIYed our own ball pit, stuffed socks (neon, of course) with fun flower stems, and got creative with props. Let’s just say that these shoes definitely helped bring us out of a color coma! 

Of course, there were a ton of different props involved in this crafty shoot. See how we made our vision work and let us know what you think!

Using out-of-the-box props in YOUR shoots

In this shoot, we put our balancing skills to the test by featuring the Kosmo Riders’ positioned over a disco ball. We also played off of the fun neon green of the shoe’s interior to access our inner 90’s kid with retro-themed props and glitter absolutely everywhere. Including a glove. (Alisha learned the hard way to not put glitter directly on your skin!)



Let your product POP 

The Kosmo Riders are no doubt the shoes of the summer, with these neon vibes. We loved stepping outside of our color comfort zones to experiment with more neon than we usually use and, honestly, we might be neon converts now?! 

Here’s how the final product turned out…


Want to dream up concepts like these for your brand?

Our goal for our clients is to make their lives easier! Did you know we spend 80% of our time in the pre-production phase, building full storyboards and scripts before ever bringing the camera out?

From prop sourcing to set design and everything in between, we use all these pieces together to elevate the production value and get you video, stop-motion, and images that exceed what you envisioned!

Best of all? We turned these photos into GIFs with our new Digital Animation Station! With this monthly subscription, we can turn your current library of images and graphics into “animated” video, just like we did for Puma. This service helps extend the life of your assets and catch more eyes. 

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If you want brand imagery, stop-motion, and video to help you feature your brands’ best offers, we want to help! LISH Creative is currently booking new clients — inquire here!


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