Fruity Fun: Froot Loop Eggo Waffles

June 22, 2022

What’s better than a colorful, tasty bowl of Froot Loops with a side of delicious Eggo waffles? Let us introduce you to the collab that we never knew we needed: Kellogg’s Froot Loops Eggo Waffles

This crazy delicious duo is coming back to a grocery store near you after almost 20 years (hey, fellow 90s kids!), and we knew exactly how to celebrate its return.

It all started with a toaster…like every great 90s breakfast food does! We wanted to make sure we complimented Toucan Sam’s infamous rainbow stripes so we DIYed our very own Toucan Toaster by spray-painting the (once) boring toaster to become a doppelganger for everyone’s favorite talking toucan.

Eggo Waffle Rainbow Toaster Red Background

Once our toaster was ready, we took to the LISH Lab for SO much more creative fun.

Setting the stage!

We knew automatically that designing a shoot for Froot Loops Eggos would be right up our alley — just look at all the colors to work with! 

So obviously, we went ALL out for this one, starting by creating six different monochrome kitchen sets to match each stripe on our Toucan Toaster. Every one of Froot Loops’ iconic bright colors was featured for this, and we loved the effect!

Yellow Background Rainbow Toaster

And you know us, it wouldn’t be a LISH Creative shoot without us playing with our food! We made a Froot Loop rainbow and used so many fun toppings to decorate the waffles. Did we snack a little during this shoot? We’ll never tell!

Froot Loops Eggo waffles pink background


The loop scoop

All of the food was the real deal (like it usually is for food shoots) and if it wasn’t I probably wouldn’t even tell you! For the spinning plates scenes, we used a motorized lazy susan (you can find it linked in my Amazon Favorites) and then our motion graphics designer brought them to life in the final video.

We loved the color play in this shoot, and think it perfectly describes the taste of biting into one of these AMAZING waffles. 

Here’s how the final product turned out! 

Want to see more behind-the-scenes like this? Make sure to follow us on TikTok for more colorful shoots to come! And reach out to schedule an upcoming shoot- we’re almost totally booked for q3!


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