Avery & Amy Tangerine: The Colorful Collab of Our Dreams!

September 13, 2022

Dream client alert: Avery asked us to shoot a three-part video series to feature their collaboration with Amy Tangerine.

We’ve already had the pleasure of working closely with the Avery brand before, but it was so much fun to see how their products are used in with their partnership with Amy Tangerine! 🌈


The process of creative journaling

If you’re anything like us, you know the power of a well-placed sticker, and you also probably have dozens of journals (some completely full, some barely touched). There’s no better feeling than when you crack open a new journal, right?!

In one of our videos with Amy, she talks all about the art of journaling to record your best moments and look back on life in a fun, creative way. We definitely wanted to capture how Amy uses Avery brand products, including their binders, planner stickers, and ultra-fine markers. 

Amy walks viewers through how she typically starts a journal spread, and we wanted to make sure that the shots focused directly on the materials. Amy’s process is one of finesse and FUN, so we wanted to show an up-close-and-personal shot of her working her magic. We used an above-head camera angle while Amy created the most perfect journal page, which was such a fun way to follow along with her process. 

Our vision for vision-boarding

Vision-boarding is such a creative way to make your wildest wishes come to life on the physical page. Think about scrapbooking, but as a way to tune in with your aspirations and goals. For this video, Amy wanted to show how she uses Avery binders, sheet protectors, markers, glue-sticks, and a bunch of super fun DIY decals for her vision board.

But we came up against an issue: How do you fit all of that into one video – while ALSO teaching people how to create their very own vision boards? Well… we vision-boarded it out! 

We planned out how to use camera angles to work in Amy’s process from beginning to end, including overhead, straight on and side angles that really demonstrated how Amy made her vision board come to life with Avery products. What we loved was the realness of it. When Amy accidentally ripped a magazine page she was using with the glu-stic you see in real time how she not only deals with the “accident,” but also makes it work so that you’d never think it was accidental at all! 

We loved everything about this shoot – and learned so much, too! You know that the LISH Creative studio will definitely be doing our own vision-boarding sesh after this!


Organization, but make it fun! 

Cleaning up your crafts isn’t the fun part… right? Wrong! This third video was all about tidying and organizing your favorite crafty supplies, with Amy showing how she uses Avery labels, binders, and page protectors to help get it done! 


Once again, though, we were faced with a challenge: How do you make a video about organizing fun, fresh, and interesting? Well, we can’t take all the credit for that – Amy’s tips definitely speak for themselves. Her color-coding includes even more crafting, like painting the inside of pencil jars with acrylics to make the monochrome organizational drawers/carts/closets look straight out of a rainbow wonderland! 

She even has a satisfying tip for the little odds & ends after a busy day of crafting (you know, the paper clips and color tabs that always find their way all over the place): Use clear jars and organize by color so that the rainbow theme continues to shine through in every part of your tidying process!

We wanted to pay close attention to every part of Amy’s cleaning process, so using a lot of close-up shots, we focused on the details of cleaning with a colorful twist. 


We’re still in color-shock 

When Avery and Amy Tangerine teamed up, the only possible outcome was a colorful twist on classic crafting fun. Our goal for all of our clients is to bring their visions to life, so we spent a lot of time story-boarding and planning these shoots out so everything was perfect.

From prop design to the camera angles, every decision we made was thought-out and detailed, but we also knew that it was important to roll with the punches (and paper tears). 

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