4 Ways To Work With LISH Creative

September 21, 2021

If you’ve made it here, that means you’re looking for some help with your photography or social media videos. You’re also here because you know that having a consistent, professional online presence is central to your brand’s success. 

So what now? It might be time to work with or learn from LISH Creative!

The most important thing is that you discover the service that works best for you and your business. Between visual content planning, brand partnerships, courses and more, read on to learn about the four ways you can work with us here at LISH Creative. 

1. Content production

We specialize in photography, stop-motion, and live video production for vibrant beauty, lifestyle food and beverage brands. The content we produce is most commonly used on websites, social media, e-mail marketing, in paid social advertising, and sometimes in print too! 

We work on a per-project basis, often if a client has a new product, launch or seasonal promotion coming up, and also on a retainer basis, where we are creating content monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly for brands to utilize on social media. 

Here’s an example of a  fun, colorful stop-motion video from a project we did with Avery


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Lately, we’ve been producing more and more short-form video content (designed for use and TikTok and Reels) for brands including RXBAR and Bath & Body Works (more to come on that soon)!  

We typically handle all parts of the creative process, from the brainstorming stage to the photoshoot to the editing process. We like to keep themes in mind and always keep your product or service at the center. Here’s a great example of a “themed” shoot we did for Welly, a first-aid company.


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With our content production services, we can create a wide range of content specifically for social media platforms, emails, ad campaigns, websites, and more.


2. Brand partnerships

Looking to reach a wider audience on social media? I love working with fun brands who align with my values and existing social audience. 

I’m always sharing about desserts, so  Tillamook was a perfect partner for a fun video!


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Another highlight of my career was working with Canon. My community relies on my advice to pick the best camera and lens. So it was nice to try our their new product and give an honest review. 

@lishcreativeThis may be my favorite project of all time…! #ad #canon #canoncreator #behindthescenes #phototips♬ Waterdrop – Clutch

I also sometimes partner with fellow creative business owners, like I did with Alli Elmunzer of Influencer Legal. I interviewed her about the most common questions that she gets from photographers, the importance of contracts, and lots more. We even created a photography contract together!


3. Consulting

Starting a new business — or even a new advertising campaign — can be totally overwhelming. Between honing in on a creative vision and facing nitty gritty technical work, sometimes the thing you need most is to talk it out. 

Need help getting your business off the ground? I’d love to consult with you! I’ll use my six years of experience building a business and working with some pretty big-name clients to advise you on content creation, social media strategy, branding, and more. To book a one hour consulting call with me, click here.

Starting from scratch with your visual content creation? Not sure what you need? I can help you set up your in-house studio and run a training that will provide your team with all the tools they need to create content straight from your office. Reach out to inquire about our corporate training packages.

Want me to talk to your community, membership, or audience about the importance of video and visual content? You can hire me to speak at your next corporate event or retreat. I’ll share my expertise on social media, photography, stop-motion videos, content strategy, and more. My past speaking engagements include Soho House, Boss Project, and Salon Digital Summit. I’d love to add you to the list!


4. Take a course

If you’re interested in learning how to create photos and videos for your brand or for clients, my online courses are here for you! 

My course Supercharge Your Social Videos is perfect for business owners, photographers, or anyone who wants to learn the basics of short-form video. For $49, you will unlock one hour of content that will teach you how to get started making videos with nothing more than a smartphone.

supercharge your social videos promo; photo of phone among tripod and office supplies

I’ll even share the exact skills and strategies I used to gain 15 million views, 6 million likes, and 400,000 TikTok followers in 6 months. If you want to boost your social media reach or rock your clients’ social content, this is the course for you.

If you want to get into product photography and stop-motion, Slay the Flatlay could be for you. This course focuses on overhead photography and stop-motion animations. For $349, you will get 22 modules and over 4 hours of content. I will go over branding, backgrounds, camera gear, the editing process, and more! If you’re wanting to start a photography business, this is the course I’d recommend!

Choose your adventure

If you’re as excited to jump into creating visual content that helps your brand (or your clients’ brands) grow, send me a message! Tell me a bit about yourself and your business and I can help you decide which service or course is right for you. After that, the fun begins! 

If you’re a photographer looking to grow your own business, check out my online courses Supercharge your Social Videos and Slay the Flatlay.

I can’t wait to meet you!


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