The Most Common Questions About Photographer Contracts

October 14, 2020

As a photographer, you do a lot more than just snap pretty pics. You run a business! One of the most important elements of running your photography business is… drum roll please… contracts.

I know, I know! It might make you groan to hear that, and you might have a thousand questions about photographer contracts popping into your head. Is my contract going to hold up? What clauses do I need to put in there? What do I do if a client breaches the contract?

Like I said… a thousand questions. Luckily, my friend Alli Elmunzer of Influencer Legal helps entrepreneurs with the legal side of their businesses. Even more lucky, Alli let me interview her about the most common questions that she gets from photographers, the importance of contracts, and lots more. 

 Want to make your photography contract legit?

I know Alli’s insights into your photog contract are super helpful, but sometimes you also need some help customizing your contract.

If you’re a commercial photographer, I personally know how overwhelming contracts can be. What should you include and what needs to be updated for each project?? The time sunk into reviewing and sending out a contract alone is excessive.

That’s why I created a free resource for you: 10 Contract Must-Haves for Commercial Photographers.

lish creatives photography contract must-haves

In it, I show you how to break down deliverables, how to address client delays, what to include for copyright and usage information, and more! If you want to stop spending time *hoping* that you’ve got your bases covered with your commercial photography contract, download this resource now. It’s totally free and could save you major money, time, and stress.




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