Our 6 Favorite Projects of All Time

January 18, 2022

As we celebrate the 6-year anniversary of LISH Creative this month, we are reminiscing on some of our favorite projects over the last 6 years. Check them out for yourself! Which is your fav?

Princess Bermuda Trip 

In 2017, Alisha traveled to Bermuda thanks to the Hamilton Princess Resort! Bermuda was hosting America’s Cup, the world’s sailing championship, and the entire country seemed like it was preparing for this huge event. We helped capture social content for the Hamilton Princess to spread awareness for the big day!

inside dining of the Hamilton Princess Resort

outside view of Hamilton Princess Resort in Bermuda

Benefit Cosmetics

When Benefit Cosmetics launched their new mascara in 2018, we worked with them to help launch Bad Gal Bang! We created a series of “out of this world” space-themed imagery inspired by their tagline, Bad Gal Bang. We even went as far as covering Alisha’s entire hand in purple glitter to showcase their mascara!

woman's hand holding mascara next to a hand covered in purple glitter

benefit cosmetics mascara displayed as rockets

Dunkin’ x Baskin Robbins 

LISH worked with Dunkin’ from 2016 to 2018 on a variety of projects involving stop-motion animations, wallpaper downloads, and other vibrant branding shots! This particular shoot in 2018 was a fav for us. Can you believe this shot appeared in an article on AdAge about the Dunkin’ rebrand and partnership with Baskin Robbins?? If you ask us, it doesn’t get better than coffee and ice cream.

Dunkin' iced coffee beverages with Baskin Robbins ice cream cups

ice cream cone in hand with Dunkin' iced coffee displayed inside cone        

 Seagram’s Escapes Aloha Ice Launch

Seagram’s and LISH have been working together since 2018 (and have more projects planned for 2022!), but this specific project stands out because it relied so heavily on tropical florals! As you can imagine being based in the Midwest, we didn’t have tropical florals available to us — and we’re not professional florists! 

Thankfully, we found Aloha Hawaiian Flowers, who ships their arrangements and other products from their farm in Hawaii. We’ve been blown away by every shipment we’ve ordered from them since. On another note, are you drooling over these drinks like we are?? 

seagram's beverage displayed in water surrounded by fruit

seagram's beverages set next to watermelon and pineapple

Avery is More Than a Label

If you know anything about LISH, it’s that we are suckers for a good office supply collection. Avery has been one of our favorite clients to work with since 2018, and this shoot stands out because it was one of our first ventures for producing YouTube video content! They approached us to help them with YouTube ads, and we are in love with how these four videos turned out.

Avery logo made out of rainbow office supplies

highlighters displayed in rainbow order


Canon 2021

We’ve used Canon cameras the entire time we’ve been in business, so it was an absolute honor to partner with them in 2021! So much of what you see when it comes to photography and photography education comes from a male perspective, so it was extra fun to go ultra-feminine with the concepts for this shoot. To highlight how Canon helps us get just the right shot, we shared 5 ways to take better food photos using their new ​​EOS R6!

Hand holding camera against pink background

We are ready for you, 2022!

If any of these favorite projects of ours have gotten your creative juices flowing, now is the time to reach out to partner with us on your next project in 2022! Contact us today so we can create your vision together. 


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