Crazy Things I Do for My Job

September 13, 2021

If you think I am just a photographer…think again!

Sometimes I’m a creative director, photographer, food stylist, producer, project manager…..and sometimes I’m an astronaut. We can be anything we set our minds to, right?

The truth is, I am a photographer and stylist for some really well-known brands and our shoots can get a little… crazy. Sometimes, I have to get in front of the camera to bring those ideas to life! You won’t want to miss out on seeing some of the fun projects I have been a part of over the years — and the crazy things I do for my job.



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Crazy ideas turned into real projects

Even though I may be “the boss” here at LISH Creative, that doesn’t stop me from jumping in to help bring clients’ ideas to life when I can!

Take our Butterfinger project. I “suffered” through a bad tan line on my thigh and had to wear pants during the heat of the summer for a month after this project was completed because the candy bar left a tan line that took forever to go away!


During our shoot with Benefit Cosmetics, we got super creative and very very into the glitter. Over the top? Never! Somehow I ended up with a completely covered glitter hand to showcase their mascara!

One of my favorite shoots was when I got to wear a space suit. Yep, you read that correctly! We were working with Welly, a company that makes first aid products fun. I had a blast wearing a space suit to showcase their Bravery Badge band aids which are in kid-friendly, fun space patterns!


Now it’s your turn!

I hope that these fun projects inspire you to get creative with your current projects and client ideas! If I can put myself out there and get in front of the camera to make those fun ideas come to life, so can you.

Growing your photography business (or any creative business) can be intimidating. If you’re ready to explore some new creative ideas and bring a little “crazy” into your work, I’ve got something for you.

Enter: Slay the Flatlay, your all-in-one resource for overhead photography, styling, and stop-motion animations! I’ve made the mistakes and figured out the tricks so you don’t have to.

Sign up now for instant access to 4+ hours worth of content, a stop-motion styling and editing bonus lesson, and a 5-page resource guide breaking down every single piece of equipment I’ve ever owned! This is how you make those fun ideas come to life, and make a name for yourself with your photography skills and/or creative business.

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