Beverage Photography Tip: Make Your Drinks POP!

January 20, 2022

If you’ve been following us here at LISH Creative for any amount of time, you know that we shoot a lot of food and drinks for our clients and their brands. You’ve also seen that we get our hands dirty pretty often — we know that, sometimes, you’ve got to get in there and play with your food to get the best shot! Like when we created stacks of peaches for a stop-motion video, or put together the picture-perfect salt rim margarita. Mmmm.

@lishcreative The secrets to getting drinks to POP on camera! #bts #learnontiktok #photographyhacks #photographytricks ♬ Watermelon Sugar – Harry Styles

After lots of trial and error, we have a few beverage photography tips that we use to get our drinks to POP on camera! Want to learn our tricks? Read on.


Cocktails with secrets

So, how do we get our beverages looking so good in shoots? Besides using fake ice (that’s a given!), here are some of our best tips and tricks! 

Water it down

To make your drink really pop on camera, water it down or use juice! This helps bring out the color and capture the right lighting.

Add a bounce card

Place a bounce card behind your beverage. When you snap your photos, it will help prevent weird shadows and reflections!

Add light

Backlighting your drink will help bring out the beauty of the beverage that you are aiming for! Try using a flashlight behind the glass. If your lighting is too dark or the shot is out of focus, play around with the angles and see what works best!


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