Monochrome Magic Created for Bogg® Bag

April 5, 2024

Love going to the beach but hate getting sand everywhere? Looking forward to days spent by the pool but worried about your things getting wet? 

For Bogg® Bag, that’s no problem —  with their line of ultra-durable totes, you can enjoy a day by the water without the worry!

And while the quality of these totes speaks for themselves, we recently teamed up with Bogg® Bag to help them with a refresh. This included creating new website and marketing imagery to match their high-quality products, and of course, plenty of monochromatic setups, too!

Check out how it turned out below!

Monochrome meets Bogg® Bag  

When we plan monochromatic setups for our clients’ products, we always bring the props to match. Depending on the product, that can include anything, from fuzzy pens to shoes to cups and more! On this set, we brought everything you might need for a day in the sun — sports drinks, scrunchies, and of course, sunscreen!

And while Bogg® Bag has a rainbow of colors to choose from, for this shoot, we focused on their three main styles to give it the fun, monochrome flair people love!


They’re more than just colorful and cute, though

What makes the Bogg® Bag special is how durable, waterproof, and washable they are. We wanted to make sure we hit on these features to really show their audience how practical they can be!

But in true LISH fashion, we found fun and creative ways to do that!


Don’t forget the accessories

Bogg® Bag also has several other products, including decorative bag inserts, beauty bags, and Bogg ® Brrr, their cooler inserts! Since they pair so well with the original bag, we thought we’d give them a cameo too!


Need an update? We’ve got you covered!

Bogg® Bag isn’t the only client we’ve helped update their brand photography!

In the post below, check out how we helped bring the vision for a new brand, Really Good Cookies, to life through photography, color-coordinated flatlays, and mouthwatering flavor profiles — all for their brand-new website and launch!





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