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Aperture 101

Aperture 101 I’ve been sharing little photography class refreshers on TikTok, plus more detailed posts about shutter speed and manual mode on the blog. You all seem to like these mini lessons on photography basics, so today, we’re talking about…

Product Styling Finds on Amazon

Product Styling Finds on Amazon As a photographer and stylist, I use a lot of objects and tools to put together shots. But some of my favorite product styling items are ones that I can use (and reuse) in lots…

Fun Wine Photography

Client Photo Shoot: Fun Wines One of my favorite things lately is sharing my best tips on DIY styling hacks — as well as giving you some behind-the-scenes content on some of my favorite photoshoots.  That’s why, when a TikTok…

Manual Mode Photo Cheat Sheet

My Cheat Sheet for Manual Mode Photos Switching to manual mode on your camera from automatic mode is really exciting…and can also be really intimidating! It takes awhile to learn all of your camera settings, when to use them, and…

Producing a Tropical Photo Shoot

Producing a Tropical Photo Shoot in the Midwest Are you a beach person? Who doesn’t love chillin’ on the sand, soaking up some warmth and sunshine (safely) and taking a dip in the ocean? I love the beach, and I…

What is Noise in Photography?

What is Noise in Photography (and How Can You Avoid It)? “Noise” is a grainy-looking texture in photos that may look like tiny specks or itty bitty colored pixels. Noise can distort details and ruin your photographs, making them look…

Shutter Speed 101

Shutter Speed 101 Someone recently asked me, “What’s the best settings for catching someone spinning with a big fluffy dress?” Great question.  If you’ve browsed around on TikTok, Snapchat, or Instagram at all, you’ve probably seen stunning photos of someone…

The Best Value Camera Lens for Beginner Photographers

The Best Value Camera Lens for Beginner Photographers Are you eyeing a brand new camera? Maybe you’ve noticed that, as your photography skills improve, you’re not as excited to use the original camera gear you invested in. Or that you…


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