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12 Creative Entrepreneurs Share Advice for Working From Home

Oh how things can change in just a month’s time…I know a lot of people are adapting to working from home for the very first time so I wanted to compile advice from some seasoned creative entrepreneurs. These women have…

The Best Props for Product Photography

Hi everyone! Linking all my favorite props for product photography below! NO. 1: Mirart Clear Acrylic Cube (3″ x 3″ x 2″) NO. 2: Mirart Clear Acrylic Cube (3″ x 2″ x 2″) NO. 3: Mirart Clear Acrylic Cube (2″…

FAQ: Why is my stop-motion shaking?

There is nothing worse than a shaking stop-motion. You’ve dedicated so much time and effort and the execution doesn’t turn out how you envisioned it. There are many integral steps when it comes to stop-motions and I want to share…

4 Lessons After 4 Years of Business

Today marks 4 years since leaving my 9-5 to focus on building LISH creative so I’m celebrating by sharing 4 things I’ve learned since those humble beginnings. 1. Bigger isn’t always better When I first started my company, I wanted…

Photoshoot Tethering 101

I tether for almost every shoot I work on to create seamless stop motions and edit with ease. Now, you may be asking “why should I tether?” There are endless benefits that will boost your productivity on shoots and help…


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FAQ: Why is my stop-motion shaking?

FAQ: Why is my stop-motion shaking?


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