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Behind the Scenes Photoshoot with Evan Williams

I have a treat for you all today that’s one part client case study and one part behind the scenes photoshoot! If you enjoy cocktails or Kentucky Bourbon in particular, then you’ve probably heard of famous Kentucky Bourbon distiller Evan…

3 Ways to Increase Your Photography Income & Earning Potential

What’s your photography of choice? Is capturing memorable shots at weddings or special events your thing? Does getting that perfect landscape or nighttime shot give you a rush of adrenaline? Or…do you love being creative with product shots and commercial…

How to Set Up a Photoshoot in Any Room

Need a break from your studio space? On the go and need to set up a photoshoot on the fly wherever you are? You can transform any room into a mini photo studio! I usually shoot in my studio that’s…

Client Case Study: Welly

I’m back with another photoshoot case study for you all! Meet Welly, a company that makes first aid products fun.  Co-creator and co-founder Eric Ryan launched Welly about two years ago in Minnesota, with a mission to create first aid…

Food Styling Trick: Writing with Popcorn

Hands up if you’ve ever visited Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California! (Bonus points if you’ve been to Disney Tokyo or Disney Paris, because that would be a dream!) If you’re a big Disney fan, or even if…

How to Build a Beach Photoshoot

Stuck in a landlocked area miles away from the water? Bundled up for snowy “spring” weather and dreaming of sunshine and tropical views?  If you need to hit the beach for your next product photoshoot but can’t, you can build…

How to Break into Product Photography

If you could be or do anything in the world, what would you choose? What’s your dream career? I know, I know. I’m starting off this blog with a heavy question, aren’t I?  But seriously! Maybe you’ve always dreamed of…

LISH x Sharper Image Commercial Photoshoot Recap

Time for another client case study! If you enjoyed seeing the process and the photos behind my Fun Wine photoshoot, I’m back with another commercial photoshoot recap for you. The client: Sharper Image I had the opportunity to team up…


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