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The Future of Social Media Is Video (And Instagram Agrees)

You may or may not have heard yet, but Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, made some huge announcements in late June 2021 (in case you’re coming to us from The Future). Especially if you are a creative business owner like…

How a Video Goes Viral: Breaking Down My Recent Viral Video!

Viral videos are all over the internet. But what makes a video go viral? What is it that makes one video so popular? For instance, I have three TikTok videos showcasing fake ice, and each video is hovering around 1…

Tillamook Photography Case Study

I am back again to give you insight into my latest project with Tillamook! Yes, that Tillamook! I don’t know about you, but I absolutely consider myself to be an ice cream expert, so this shoot was so fun. It…

3 Things in My Photo Studio That Just Make Sense

Last fall, I shared that I hired a professional organizer to help me organize my workspace to make this space much more functional, organized, and just fun to be in. Today, I am taking you behind the scenes in my…

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

So you have started a side hustle and are now wondering… When can I quit my job?!  Your excitement level about this new venture of yours is like a 12/10! I’ve been there, my friend. I totally get it. You…

Canon EOS R6 Photoshoot Case Study

Who’s ready for a behind-the-scenes food photoshoot? This time, our photoshoot case study covers my recent work with the new Canon EOS R6 camera!    What I love about the EOS R6 In case you’re new around these parts, I…

DIY Floral Photo Backdrop

Spring is all about the florals, isn’t it? I have the perfect DIY floral photo backdrop you can create — and use over and over again!  If you saw my rainbow floral backdrop in this TikTok and want to make your…

My Favorite Floating Product Photography Tip

Wanna know how to make the subject of your product photoshoot float magically in mid-air? No, you don’t toss it upwards and frantically start snapping away on your camera!  I have a super simple (and inexpensive) floating photography tip to…


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