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Gift Guide for Runners

NO. 1 Cookie Dough Protein Bar NO. 2 Garmin Smartwatch NO. 3 dimok Athletic Running Sock NO. 4 Huma Chia Energy Gel NO. 5 Nike Metcon 5 AMP NO. 6 Adidas Athletic Tank NO. 7 Vooray Active Fanny Pack NO.…

Gift Guide for Pink Lovers

NO. 1: Pink Gradient Sketching Pencils NO 2: Pink Cozy Socks NO 3: Bluetooth Wireless Speakers NO 4: Marble Notepad NO 5: May Notebook NO 6: OK Wall Art NO 7: Carry-On Suitcase NO 8: Nike Sneakers NO 9: Slippers…

Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

The holiday season is a great time to spoil loved ones, even your dog! I’ve linked some of my favorite accessories for dogs (and even you) below! NO. 1: Dog Mom Sticker This would be perfect for your car, computer…

The holiday camera sale I’m taking advantage of!

I have been using the Canon 5d Mark iii for more than 3 years and I LOVE it! The camera has been working great, and I still think it’s a great fit for me, but I also think it’s a…

Gift Guide for Color Lovers

Bando Rainbow Tumblr This 10oz. tumblr is full of joy! Bando Color Block Wallet The pink and navy combo is my favorite! Bando Sticker Book This book has all the stickers you can imagine and all the color too. Bando…

Why you should ditch your tripod and buy a c-stand:

For years, I thought that a tripod with a horizontal column was the best way to shoot flatlays. There’s nothing wrong with tripods, they’re portable, lightweight, perfect for outdoors and on the go….but if you’re working in a studio day…

Using the new iPhone wide lens in real life

I got the new iPhone a few weeks ago and I have loved experimenting with the new wide lens! The 0.5x camera allows you to have a greater field of view without using external lenses. The lens has a 13mm…

Fall Amazon Prop Haul

No. 1: Backpack No. 2: Holographic Rainbow Masking Tape No. 3: Yoobi Scissors No. 4: Gray Marble Adhesive No. 5: Wood Blocks No. 6: Coffee Mugs The image used in the header is a stock photo that you can find…


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