Avery Case Study

December 2, 2021

If you have ever worked with paper, prints, or other creative projects, chances are you’ve used products from Avery before! We love a good office supply collection and they’ve been one of our favorite clients to work with since 2018. 

For this new project, Avery approached us to help them with YouTube ads — a new medium for us! They gave us lots of creative wiggle room to create 4 brand videos and we love how they turned out. Honestly, this was one of our favorite projects of 2021!

We found five models to help us out and shot both in-studio and on-location. You won’t want to miss the teacher scene we built in my garage!

Each of the ads closed out with the same consistent scene where we made Avery’s logo out of office supplies, too!

 Avery logo made out of office supplies

A rainbow of supplies

For one of the YouTube ads, we used a wide variety of Avery’s products to display supplies such as highlighters, gift tags, and folders all in rainbow form, of course! 

highlighters displayed in rainbow order

small boxes wrapped in a variety of colors

rainbow made out of label tags

Avery for every day

We were able to work with an ACTUAL small business owner who already uses Avery’s products for her business for another one of the videos — so fun!

The scene starts with a girl and her dad in their kitchen using Avery labels to make thank you gifts for a party, and then moves to the small business owner who is putting labels on her products. Next, we hopped over to a teacher in her classroom organizing binders and folders, and finished off the video with a man in his office making his business cards.

We had a blast creating the teacher set in my garage!

woman smiling in her office with products

binders and office supplies displayed on shelves

man punching out business cards

girl putting labels on bags     

Monochrome for the win

We had a ton of fun using a variety of props to showcase monochrome themes which is what you will see in another one of the videos we created.  These eye-catching scenes use Avery labels on holiday gift tags, binder tabs, juice bottles, and more. Neat, right?

red background with red office supplies

green labels on green juice bottles


Where it all started

Did you know that Avery started back in 1935 with a $100 loan and a guy who created the first modern sticker? In our last ad video, we shared the Avery story with lots of drawing and sketching to display Avery’s most popular products most of us use on the daily at work, school, and home. This was a totally new concept for us and we love the way it turned out. 

sketch of a man with glasses

multi colored office supplies

Ready to work with us??

Whether you’re a household name like Avery or a small business owner who works out of your home, we want to connect with clients who want to share their products, ideas, and brand through photo and video. Creating content like these YouTube ads for Avery is what lights us up — and we want to help you bring your brand to life with creative video and photos.

If you like what you’ve seen here, let’s connect! Contact us and let us know what you envision for your next project… and let’s start creating!

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