America’s Favorite Drumstick: Our Ice Cream Cone Video Shoot!

May 18, 2022

We were head over heels excited when Drumstick asked us to make a video to help them show off their world-famous Drumstick Ice Cream Cone! Come on… who doesn’t love a Drumstick?? We pulled out all the stops for America’s favorite sundae cone and we love how the final video turned out. 


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Can we get a Drumstick, please?

We held nothing back when we partnered with the one-and-only Drumstick to show off America’s favorite sundae cone, featuring action shots of the ingredients. Are you drooling over this decadent caramel drizzle, too?

Drumstick ice cream cone against pink background with caramel drizzle falling on top

We wanted the ingredients to be front and center, while still getting across the messaging across, so it was fun to strike a balance The melting ice cream posed a real challenge for us, but there were a lot of post-production tricks that we used to make it happen. 

Layers of shots for layers of flavor 

We did a mix of stop-motion and animated video clips for this shoot, using action shots of the ingredients for an over-the-top flavor adventure! 

To show off the layered features and textures of the Drumstick itself, we used pieces of the cone to write out the word “crispy” and peanuts to write out “crunch.” 

We scooped out vanilla ice cream on a table to highlight the creamy flavors and wrapped up the video with a feature of the 3 flavors Drumstick offers. 


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