Where To Find Fall Leaves… When It Isn’t Fall

October 19, 2021

Let’s set the stage: You need leaves for your Bath & Body Works fall-themed photoshoot. But it is the middle of August. There are no real leaves anywhere and you need them ASAP! 

Our leaf predicament 

When Bath & Body Works first contacted LISH Creative about shooting their fall line, we were totally fan-girling! Once we pulled ourselves together, though, we quickly realized we were going to need leaves — and fast. It was August and there were only green leaves… still on trees. 

So we started searching the internet high and low, typing in keywords like “home decor leaves,” “wedding decor leaves,” “leaves artificial,” “leaves fake.” Anything that might bring up the perfect bundle of fake autumn leaves. 

We’ve used fake leaves and paper cut leaves in the past, but have never been totally satisfied with how they look on camera.  

Our search finally landed on Etsy: home to very artsy and talented people.There were so many listings for preserved leaves — who knew there was such a market for these things?! We were just glad to have found a solution, so we immediately started shopping.

Leaf delivery disaster 

We found the perfect listing for: 1,000 preserved fall leaves. They were gorgeous — perfectly colored and ready to be shot. And then… disaster struck.

The package got lost in the mail and, with time ticking down and the promised delivery date for the Bath & Body Works fall shoot coming quickly, we needed a new game plan. 

Meet our new leaf BFF

We quickly went back to the drawing board and searched Etsy again. This time, I found Katherine. She’s totally like our new BFF. Her Etsy Shop often supplies major television shows and movies with preserved leaves and artificial greenery! SO COOL! 

Katherine promised her leaves would be super quick and she was right. Her preserved leaves arrived quickly and safely packaged. It was totally weird opening up a package and seeing a bag of leaves, so perfectly preserved! 

After our leaf panic, though, we’re happy to report that the Bath & Body Works Shoot went amazingly well and everything turned out just like we had envisioned — all thanks to Katherine! 

Want to go leaf-peeping?

Head over to our LISH Creative TikTok page to see how we turned our leaf disaster into an amazing 30 second video for one of the biggest brands!

@lishcreativeYou will never be leaf this story…. 🍁🍂😵 ##hellofall ##autumnaesthetic ##behindthescenes ##photoshoot♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod


And if this leaf-disaster-turned-victory made you realize that you want to work with a creative and resourceful team, contact LISH Creative today! We’re ready to help with your company’s marketing, branding, and social video creation


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