Bringing the Outdoors… Indoors for Our Bath & Body Works Shoot

October 21, 2021

Here at LISH Creative, we know firsthand that we won’t always have the right weather for outdoor scenes and shoots! So we have to get creative and improvise — and sometimes we have to find a way to bring the outdoors… indoors. Here’s how we created a beautiful wheat field right inside our studio for our Bath & Body Works shoot


Here comes the sun

When shooting outside, you have the most beautiful natural lighting ever… the sun. But when you bring the shoot indoors, you often need to figure out the best possible lighting to make your clients and/or products look good. 

When we were shooting our “outdoor wheat field” concept for Bath & Body Works, we used a harsh continuous light to replicate the sun. It brightened up our studio, and it allowed us to get that “natural” sunshine look indoors.


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Props, plants, and paint 

Our studio is located nowhere near wheat fields. So when we discussed and decided on a wheat field scene for the Bath & Body Works shoot, we knew we’d have to find a way to bring a wheat field to us — just like we did when we needed to have fall leaves.

To “fake” a wheat field, we needed props (plants) and lots of them. We took a trip to Home Depot and filled a cart with every fake plant that looked like you could find it in a wheat field and brought them all back to the studio. This indoor shoot was going to look more outdoorsy than some of our actual outdoor shoots! 

We used paint cans and buckets to achieve different heights because every plant is not the same height in a field! This gave the plants depth and made the “wheat field” seem even more realistic. 

It’s windy in here

Finally, we needed some wind to help blow the plants around — wheat never stands straight up if it’s in a real field, right?Luckily we were able to use a small fan to create a windy effect. 

The fan was not too powerful, so the plants moved just enough to give the effect of a slight breeze. It also kept all of us feeling cool as we set up and organized this shoot for Bath & Body Works. Win-win situation for us! 



See what else we’ve done for Bath & Body Works

Working with Bath & Body Works has been so much fun. We’ve shot a few different concepts for them now and we can’t wait to keep working with them. If you want to know even more about this shoot and how everything turned out, head over to the blog and read our Bath & Body Works client case study


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