Refreshing Brand Photos With Norman Love Confections

September 6, 2023

When a client of ours says they’re getting a fresh new makeover, you know that we’re going to be there stat! We’re so thankful that our longtime client, Norman Love Confections, invited us along for the ride. Together, we helped show off their new box designs with photo content that just pops (and really has a way of making you have an instant craving for some chocolate!). 

This is the first time they’ve changed their packaging in decades, and since they were adding in some new signature flavors, this was the perfect time to bring everyone together for one amazing makeover! 

Scroll to see the new content and get a behind-the-scenes look at how we made it all happen!

Highlighting new package designs

The already colorful nature of Norman Love Confections is hard to beat. So how did we kick things up a notch while staying true to the brand? 

We changed the lighting to be bolder with sharper shadows, and showcased the boxes with the lids open to show off the artistic designs. We also incorporated elements of art where possible — like paint chips! 

We even had a sketch artist do a hyperrealistic pencil drawing of the box. So fun!!


What’s your flavor?

What happened to the flavors you may ask? Well, Norman Love Confections has been creating some of the most delectable chocolate around, so we couldn’t just toss out the classics. Instead, we incorporated all of the new flavors into the shoot while keeping some old favorites, too!!

Do any of these look recognizable??

Going back to where it all started

Finally, we wanted to give a nod to the history of the longstanding brand that is Norman Love Confections

So…how do you do that, exactly? You make chocolates in the shape of their home state of course!! It was such a creative way to bring both the old and new elements into the shoot. 

Ultimately our goal was to show off the makeover without losing touch with the classic elements that make Norman Love Confections the brand we know and love. We wanted to show off the new packaging, new flavors, and hyperrealistic art, and make the products look as delicious and beautiful as they are in real life. 

And I think we nailed it, don’t you??

Want More Norman Love Confections Fun?

Want to see what other projects we’ve collaborated on with Norman Love Confections? Check out our Easter Shoot from earlier this year to catch more chocolaty goodness!

Easter Fun With Norman Love Confections →

And if you need some help brainstorming and bringing to life your own creative vision, give us a ring! We’d love to help you out!


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