Check Out the New LISH Colorful Monochrome Calendar with Graphique De France!

August 30, 2023

What’s better than scrolling through monochrome pictures on Instagram? Seeing them hanging up on your wall to look at every day, of course!! And if those perfectly color-coordinated themes are your latest obsession, or you need a way to add some excitement to your office space, then you’re going to love the announcement we’re about to make.  Introducing…Life in Color by LISH Creative!!!



We’re having our monochrome moment!

We just licensed some of our most colorful images to Graphique De France with our agent, Wains World Licensing, to create a fun, playful, and nostalgic calendar for 2024. Each month features a different color set, from teal to pink to purple. We’ve got 13 monochrome layouts for you to enjoy! 


iSpy something nostalgic…

We’ve always had a thing for monochrome-themed shoots, but adding in all these hidden gems of 90s pop culture (and our childhood!) made us really want to share this with the world. Think about it like an iSpy Book, but as a colorful calendar you can hang above your desk!

P.S. — How many 90s nostalgia pieces can you spot here?

Most of the items are from our existing prop collection, but we definitely tried to work in a few new ones and did a lot of spray painting to make sure we had enough of each color to fill the frame. The goal with the prop styling was to achieve colorful chaos!


How we work with our licensing agent

As a photographer, you have to protect your work when putting it out there into the world. It’s not as easy as listing it for sale on your website! We started working with Liz Wain, of Wain’s World, in 2021 because of the wealth of industry knowledge and experience that she brings to the table. As a company who primarily does client work, the world of licensing was completely new to us. We knew it would be helpful to have someone like Liz navigate the waters and help to pitch our work to her established partners in the industry. 


Want to see some of the other artwork we’ve published with Wain’s World?

This colorful calendar isn’t the only thing we’ve worked on lately! If you want to see more of our artwork for sale, check out some of the recent images Wain’s World has helped us publish for sale. If you love all things disco…then you want to miss this one!

And if you want to learn more about how to create your own setups like the ones you’ve seen here…then you can learn how to do it inside of Slay the Flatlay! You’ll get over 5+ hours of content, 41 modules, and a 12-page resource guide with our equipment recommendations so you can bring your own sets to life — grab the course for just $397 here.


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