Client Case Study: Welly

May 4, 2021

I’m back with another photoshoot case study for you all! Meet Welly, a company that makes first aid products fun

Co-creator and co-founder Eric Ryan launched Welly about two years ago in Minnesota, with a mission to create first aid products for “the bleeders, the believers, the give it a try-ers.” Now you can buy Welly products for the whole family at Target or from their online store!


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Look at all those patterns and colors of bandages! With such colorful and playful branding, Welly and LISH Creative were obviously meant to work together. We’re an aesthetic match made in heaven!

Fun themes and cute patterns

One of our goals for Welly was to create compositions that focused on fun themes and adorable bandage patterns. Browse their products and you’ll see veggie-themed bandage packs, superhero-themed first aid kits, underwater-themed waterproof bandages, and much more. 

That’s what makes Welly stand out from the other bandage brand that we will not name — the “b-word” as Welly calls it in their Instagram bio — so we wanted them to really shine in the photos and stop-motions!

Like this Colorwash Quick Fix kit in spectacular tie-dye patterns, with a matching reusable tin case to boot. 

Welly tie dye bandages carrier kit

Or this pack of Bravery Badges in kid-friendly, fun space patterns! (Though I’m sure many of us adults would happily rock these bandages, too.)

Welly star and planet bravery badge bandage kit

Raise your hand if you miss traveling! Welly’s first aid travel kit includes bandages, antibiotic ointment, sanitizer, and a cleverly designed tin that looks like a globe. It inspired us to style this travel flatlay!  

travel backpack with passport, sunglasses, welly bandage, watch

Photos and stop-motion videos

We wanted to produce some great photos for Welly, but also some stop-motion videos. These photos and stop-motions were going to be used across social media, email marketing, and Amazon, so they needed to be appealing and eye-catching for all sorts of audiences.


We just can’t resist a good rainbow! When we saw Welly’s pack of Bravery Badges patterned with colorful raindrops, unicorns, and rainbows, we knew just what kind of stop-motion video to make.

This stop-motion still fit into the overall style and theme we were going for with a bright teal background, but it’s also more practical. It shows what Welly’s thin, clear facial bandages look like.



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If you follow me on TikTok, you might know that I often use a lot of photo hacks and food styling tricks in my work. Not this one, though. That’s real ice cream! Watch the Instagram Reel above to see how I put together one of my favorite shots for Welly!

Clean composition and colorful aesthetic

Welly’s themes and bandage patterns inspired a lot of the styling, but we also wanted to create clean compositions and a modern, colorful aesthetic to complement their packaging. To do that, we used lots of knolling in the shots. 

What’s knolling? It sounds like something you’d do in a tiny cottage in a magical forest, but it’s a popular photography and design trend! Knolling means arranging objects to create 90 degree angles, then shooting them from above. It’s like a symmetrical flatlay that’s super satisfying to look at.

Here’s a good example of knolling! See how the rows of bandages and fruit are very straight and precise?

welly fruit veggie bandage with strawberries, cucumbers, limes on pink table


Or this arrangement of different themed bandages. Even with irregularly-shaped objects like the toy plane or the rubber duck, you can still create balanced, even rows of objects.

welly dessert jellyfish monster space unicorn bandages with bandages and toys on blue table

Okay, so knolling is “supposed” to involve creating 90-degree angles, but I can’t resist sharing this photo too! The rows of bandages and fruit are still angular, and the overall star shape is aesthetically pleasing. 

fruit and veggie handy bandies tin surrounded by bandages and fruit cues

Wanna work together?


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I can’t tell you how much we love connecting with clients who fit perfectly with our creative style! Putting together clean, modern compositions for photos and quirky, colorful stop-motion videos for Welly was a ton of fun. 

If you liked what you saw in this photoshoot case study, let’s talk! Contact me online and let me know what you’re looking for. I’ll get back to you with more information about our services and pricing ASAP!


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