Client Case Study: Trulieve Cannabis Photoshoot

September 9, 2021

Here at LISH Creative, we recently connected with Trulieve, one of the top-selling cannabis brands in the United States. They found us on TikTok of all places and we were really excited to get to work with them.

What’s Trulieve?

Trulieve sells a variety of cannabis products including the actual cannabis flower, vape carts, edibles, and accessories. They focus on the customer and how their products can help relieve (get the name?) their challenges. They also focus on having high-quality products, which is probably why they are so successful! 

Trulieve has 85 dispensaries in its home state of Florida and 90 nationwide — and they plan to keep growing. What better way to do that than by sharing photos and stop-motion videos of their products?

Together we created three stop-motion videos and nine photos that show off the many uses and benefits of Trulieve cannabis products.

The challenge

This project presented some unique challenges because of the regulations surrounding cannabis use. In Florida, it’s legal to use cannabis for medical purposes, but this varies state by state. 

This especially came into play with the shipping of Trulieve’s products. Since they weren’t allowed to ship us actual cannabis or oils, we had only the packaging to work with! 

Thanks to Photoshop, we were able to take pictures of the empty packaging and insert images of the actual product during the editing process, so they still look as good as they would in a store.

pods laid out on bathroom counter, hand reaching in for one

This is a great lesson in why it’s so important to get creative during shoots! It may take some extra time, but you can almost always find a way around whatever challenge presents itself.

Showcasing the products

With so much debate surrounding the legalization of cannabis, we wanted this project to give Trulieve a lighthearted, adult twist while also highlighting the many different products that are available. 

we stuck with a chill green color palette and made sure to highlight the multi-use, on-the-go nature of Trulieve products. In this stop-motion video of a purse spilling out we added other essentials like a phone and keys that look great on camera.

This stop-motion video highlights the fruity taste of Trulieve’s edible products, while the organization of the fruits on the bright background makes the shot fun and pleasing to the eye.

Another big selling point at Trulieve is that different products have different uses and effects. Some of their oils promote creativity, while others can help you sleep. For each of these, we created a themed flatlay. 

trulieve creativity promoting pod surrounded by art supplies

To highlight creativity we used art supplies as props. We love the way the globs of paint turned out. They add to the green theme and make it look a little messy, as the creative process should be!

sleep trulieve pod surrounded by calming props and sleep accessories

For the sleep theme, we included other relaxing props, such as a cup of tea and journal on a background that looks like a comforter. What a nice nightly routine!

Land your own big clients

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supercharge your social videos promo; photo of phone among tripod and office supplies

Who knows? Maybe after you take this course, I’ll be reading your case study!


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