Cozy Up With Purple Mattress in Our Latest Project

October 11, 2023

Ready to get comfy and cozy? Then you’ll love our latest client project with Purple Mattress

Together, we worked on a series of social content with a user-generated feel. We wanted their audience to be able to visualize themselves sleeping on a Purple Mattress themselves, right there in their own home. 

And honestly? It totally worked. With the props and luxe setup (which included TONS of soft pillows and blankets), we wanted nothing more than to curl up on set! 

Want to see how it turned out?? Keep scrolling to find out!

How we transformed the set into the cozy bedroom of our dreams

We worked to elevate our bedroom design ahead of the shoot to better match their Luxe line of mattresses. This of course included adding their entire line of bedding into the shoot, but also required us to get a little creative!

First, we mocked up some changes in Canva.


Then, we sourced some new props and furniture and even made our own art. Mona and Holly also made an appearance to help show how easily a Purple Mattress can fit into any home. So fun!!


A comfortable bed…and SO MUCH more!

We also showed off many of the amazing features Purple Mattress has. It’s not hard to see why it’s one of the top mattress brands in the world!! We had to highlight how the Premium Smart Base can enhance any night’s sleep!


Laundry ASMR because why not?

For fun, and to show off how silky smooth their sheets are, we created an ASMR-style video of making the bed. You’ll definitely feel relaxed after seeing this!!!

Need your own brand shoot?

Whether you’re a home-based brand like Purple Mattress, a wellness or food-based brand like some of our other clients, or something else entirely, LISH can help you show off your products in a totally fun and colorful way! 

While bookings are limited through the new year due to maternity leave, we’re still on the clock, just a more limited capacity. Spots are filling up fast, so if you’re interested, learn more ASAP here!


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