Surprise Wimbledon Proposal & Engagement!

Happy Valentine's Day! In honor of this day of love, we're finally sharing our proposal and engagement photos! I wrote my side of the story, and then Graham wrote his side. It's his first time writing for the blog so it's a big deal. Scroll through for the stories, photos and a video from our trip. We loved working with Cecelina Photography to capture this special day!

OUR STORY - by Alisha
When Graham and I met more than six years ago, we were working at a summer day camp for kids, and I thought he was way too old for me (3 years seems like a lifetime when you're 19). We started a conversation about Wimbledon (Federer was playing that day) and when we realized we were both tennis fans/players, he asked for my number so that we could hit sometime.  We ended up dating long distance while I finished college, and then again when he started med school (before I finally moved to LA to be with him!).

In October, nearly six years after that first tennis date, our story came full-circle when we booked a trip to London, and he proposed at Wimbledon with the ring inside of a tennis ball!!

I knew this Europe trip would be special for us. Neither of us had taken a proper vacation in a while, and it was our first time traveling abroad together. When he asked me if we were getting a photographer to take photos of us, I definitely was suspicious. Graham is not one to ask for pictures, that's usually my job! But I never would have expected the tennis ball to come into play! He continues to surprise me.  I'm so excited to marry Graham and I love that we have these incredible photos from Cecelina Photography to look back on. 

 Alisha's Favorite Image from the shoot

Alisha's Favorite Image from the shoot


OUR STORY- by Graham
Lisha and I have been together for a little over 6 years. We met at a summer camp working as
counselors. I knew after getting to know her at work I wanted to try and continue dating when she headed back to college, but I wasn’t sure how we could manage a long-distance relationship. The situation never really seemed to phase us, as I think our willingness to make it work along with flexibility in schedules culminated in a fun set of memories. Fast forward a few years and career decisions where I found myself stressing, not about medical school coursework, but when and how I wanted to propose to Alisha.

Our first conversation and date centered around tennis and the Wimbledon tennis tournament in
England. I had my location, so I just needed to fill in the details after that. In March, 2017 while Alisha was in Bermuda, I spoke with her parents about my plans. Step 1, parents’ approval complete. The next phase involved lurking her Pinterest for ring ideas. Luckily, there was quite a nice collection of ideas to pick from. In September, 2017, I met with a family friend and designed a ring that matched her “Pinterests”. Step 2, Pinterest-inspired ring creation complete. All along, we had a trip scheduled to Europe for October, 2017 so my location was lined up. I just needed to figure out a way to capture the moment. Alisha claims this is where I “gave it away.” She wanted to hire a photographer for a day while in London. Apparently, because I seemed excited at the idea, she became suspicious. Oh well! So Step 3, pick the date and capture the moment complete.

The most stressful part about the whole process was attempting to chisel a hole in a tennis ball (without a sharp tool) so I could put the ring inside. It took a few hours while relaxing in our London hotel room. I managed to successfully complete the task without her noticing what I was doing. Thanks Instagram for distracting @alishylishy! On October 30th, 2017,
Alisha stared at me for about 10 seconds as my knee started to go numb on the concrete ground at Wimbledon before rejecting me…just kidding. She said YES!

 Graham's Fav Image from the shoot 

Graham's Fav Image from the shoot 

The beginning of the shoot - pre-proposal

wimbledon proposal & engagement




tennis proposal & engagement
tennis proposal & engagement
tennis proposal & engagement
tennis proposal & engagement
tennis proposal & engagement
tennis proposal & engagement


tennis proposal & engagement
tennis proposal & engagement
tennis proposal & engagement
tennis proposal & engagement
tennis proposal & engagement
tennis proposal & engagement
tennis proposal & engagement
tennis proposal & engagement
tennis proposal & engagement

All images captured by Cecelina Photography. If you're looking for a photographer in London, she's amazing!


Most Colorful Spots in Copenhagen

I am continuing the blog posts from our European adventure by sharing the most colorful spots in Copenhagen. We flew in from London for three nights of exploring, eating and shopping (the design stores were INSANE) in this cozy, bike-friendly, capital city. Before I share the most colorful spots in the city, let's talk about where to STAY:

The Scandic Front was the PERFECT home base for exploring. It was located just a block from Nhyaven, offered beautiful canal views, and had an insanely amazing breakfast buffet. It's part of the Scandic Hotel Family.

One of my favorite things about the Scandic Front was there's so much to explore within walking distance. Check out my video for a complete recap of our adventures in the city, then read on to see my top three colorful spots.


1. Tivoli Gardens
The second oldest operating amusement park in the world, Tivoli Gardens opened in 1843. Everything is so close together in Copenhagen, so it was an easy walk. The moment you arrive, you notice the cozy old world feel of the park. Case in point - they have actual fire pits where you can roast marshmallows while snuggling under blankets!


2. Nyhavn
My second must-see in Copenhagan is Nyhavn. The neighborhood was only one block from our hotel, so we were able to walk through and admire the colorful buildings every day. We discovered Kira CPH, a beautiful textile shop, and Graham indulged on a chocolate and sprinkle-covered waffle on a stick! He said that it tasted as amazing as it sounds. 

3. Superkilen
Another one of our favorite spots in Copenhagen was Superkilen, a public park near one of the city's most diverse neighborhoods. The colors, patterns and graphic elements throughout the park are a photographers dream! I mean look at this rainbow spiral bike rack....!




The Best Hotels in Scandinavia

I've been convinced that it is always better to go with a reputable brand of hotel chains, especially when traveling internationally.  You know what you're going to get, no surprises. The downside can sometimes be that chains are not as cool, hip or unique as independent properties. But after staying at two different Scandic properties: the Scandic Front in Copenhagen and the Haymarket by Scandic in Stockholm, that downside disappeared entirely.

The Scandic properties were unique, thoughtful and just plain stunning. From canal views and modern decor in Copenhagen, to pink velvet walls in Stockholm, Scandic was really showing off. Oh and one more thing, two words: FREE BREAKFAST. And it's worth noting that this isn't an ordinary free hotel breakfast (you know, the ones with just bananas and instant oatmeal packets), no, this was a complete breakfast spread. I was truly delighted each morning. There were meats, cheeses, breads, eggs, fresh orange juice, coffee, teas, a cereal bar, and my fav part - a yogurt bar complete with a dairy free option!! I've been on a breakfast yogurt kick ever since. 

With 160 hotels in 6 countries, there are plenty of Scandic properties & destinations to choose from. We were so thankful to partner with them for our stays in Copenhagen and Stockholm and want to travel back to stay again sometime!

Click through for our photo guides of the properties:







Hidden Color in Stockholm

For the third stop on our European adventures, we flew from Copenhagen to Stockholm! Watch the video below for all of the highlights and read on for where to stay, eat and explore!

We spent a total of three nights and  two days in the city, and stayed at the Haymarket by Scandic - another gorgeous property in the Scandic Hotel Family.

As soon as we walked up to the hotel, I knew we were going to love it. It's PINK after all ....! When you get inside, you immediately notice gorgeous details. We're talking velvet walls, Art Deco decor, beautiful tile work, monkey lamps and a "gym garden." We actually wanted to work out. It's worth a trip to the city just to stay at this property alone...!

Haymarket by Scandic Hotel
Haymarket by Scandic Hotel
Haymarket by Scandic Hotel
Haymarket by Scandic Hotel
Haymarket by Scandic Hotel

After we checked in, we headed to Old Town and made a stop at Chokladkoppen, Home of the WHITE HOT CHOCOLATE. It was so delicious, we went back for more the next day.

For dinner we had the best pizza I've ever eaten (outside of Italy) at Giro, which was just a short walk from the hotel. 

And we also discovered the cutest swedish candy store, Caramella, and food market, both in the square right outside of the Haymarket. The food market is located near the movie theater and is two levels. It had a variety of seafood and traditional swedish food stalls. I snagged a shrimp salad and it was divine!

Don't miss the charming streets of Old Towne. We loved wandering through the squares and alleyways. And for a colorful treat, head to the metro...! Each stop is adorned with artwork. The rainbow and the pastel tile work were our favorites. 


2017 In Review

Happy New Year! I always love looking back on the year and making goals for next year too. It's an important time of gratitude and reflection, and can help to set the stage for next year too! Here’s a recap of the last twelve months.


  • Stop motions became a major part of the business
  • I added six contractors to the LISH Creative team to work on photography, lighting, videography, social media management, financials and accounting
  • We started to deliver longer-form video content 
  • We partnered with hotel brands for the very first time
  • I learned how to adapt and prepare to spend time working from different locations
  • We got engaged on an epic European adventure
  • I crossed some "dream" clients off of my bucket list 
  • I battled family tragedies, anxiety, and took steps to recharge my health and fitness regimen 



After a two-week hospital stay, I spent a portion of January helping Graham recover from a collapsed lung (the first of a few crazy scares this year!). I also did work for Blurb Books, Method Home and Grana.

February brought exciting lifestyle work with talent and locations. I had the opportunity to work with Mayarya Maternity, Dove Chocolate, Chatbooks and GE light. I also attended Alt Summit in Palm Springs and had the chance to attend the Rebecca Minkoff Fashion Show at the Grove!


I was invited on my first sponsored trip to Bermuda with The Hamilton Princess Resort! I took my friend @amytangerine and we spent three nights traveling around the island—one of the most colorful destinations I have ever visited! I also did work for Venice Beach Candle Company, Massi, Cuore & Pelle, Raw Sugar Living & Lifewater. 


I attended the press preview for DTLA’s Museum of Ice Cream and was surrounded by the most instagrammable installations! I also had the chance to meet Betsey Johnson (!) work with Formé Comfort, Fullscreen Live and SugarBear Hair, and I created spring mobile wallpapers for Dunkin' Donuts.

Later in April, my Dad was in a near fatal bike accident. He was in a coma in the ICU for two weeks and then spent another four weeks recovering in a rehab hospital. 

I spent May flying back and forth between Pittsburgh and LA so that I could be with my family. Since my Dad suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, he had to undergo extensive therapy to walk and talk again. I am so thankful to report that he's made a full recovery. I also worked hard between traveling and hospital visits to complete work for Old Navy, and I did a photo & video shoot for Formé Comfort.

I taught a styling workshop at Dessert Goals LA and I attended VidCon for the first time with Amy Tangerine. I also did work for Mixbook, Hello, Freixenet, Special K, and Dunkin' Donuts.

After neglecting self-care for most of the year and battling a lot of anxiety, June was the start of my fitness revolution. I used to be an athlete and working out was always a huge part of my life, but it's easy to let it slip when times get tough. I joined Crunch fitness and started to pick up the habit again. 

color factory rainbow stairs

July was one of my favorite months. Amy invited me on a trip to Disneyland—it was my first time! I traveled to the Color Factory Press Preview in San Francisco where I made one of my first video blogs about the event, and the video now has more than 10k views on YouTube! Amazing, right? I also took brand photos for Annette Stepanian, and did work for Transitions Sunwear, SkinnyCow and Baskin-Robbins. 

I attended Hedley & Bennett's School of Hustle in DTLA, and I met some of the most incredible business owners. I had a chance to meet Reese Witherspoon (!) thanks to Amy Tangerine. We attended an event with her as part of a promotion for her movie, Home Again. Graham and I took a weekend trip to Las Vegas (sans my laptop!) and I completed work for CenturyLink, Allbirds, and Peace Out Skincare. I also took a lighting class @ PhotoShoot Factory that revolutionized my studio setup.

September was the start of three months away from LA because of Graham's medical school schedule. I had a lot of anxiety leading up to and during this time away from my studio, client base, etc. We drove across the country to Pittsburgh, stopping in Las Vegas and Denver along the way. It was nice to spend an entire month with my family! I also did work for Zico Coconut Water & Peace Out Skincare, and I hired back my personal trainer from high school to continue working towards my health and fitness goals. 


The first half of the month we were based in Pittsburgh, and I flew back to LA to complete work for Sphynx and Uptime Energy. I also worked for Dunkin' Donuts, Peace Out Skincare & Friexenet. We took advantage of Graham’s vacation block by taking a two-week trip to Europe. We visited London, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Paris, but London was definitely the highlight because Graham proposed at Wimbledon with the ring inside of a tennis ball. I said “YES!”

When we got back from Europe, we spent more time in Pittsburgh and then drove down to Miami for Graham's next medical school rotation. I worked on projects for Allbirds, Mixbook, Dunkin' Donuts, Peace Out Skincare and Homesick Candles, and I took brand photos for Katie Love. I also learned a lot about setting up remote studios and road trips no longer seem so daunting.

museum of ice cream miami

We spent the first two weeks of December in Miami where I went to Art Basel events, shot at Wynwood Walls and attended opening day of the Miami Museum of Ice Cream with @ananewyork. We spent the holidays back in LA, and I worked on projects for Advant Edge, Peace Out Skincare, and one other client that ended up being one of my favorite projects of my career! I can't share just yet, but believe me, it's a good one! We lined up projects for 2018, and I signed a contract for a website/blog redesign in the new year! I also photographed my first wedding, for my good friend Amy Tangerine. It was such a beautiful day.

Cheers to 2018!
- A

Miami Museum of Ice Cream - Tour & Video!

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to attend the press preview for the LA Museum of Ice Cream, and when I heard that they were opening a location in Miami, during the same time that I would be working from Miami, I knew I had to visit! 

I met up with my friend @ananewyork to explore and take as many photos as possible! Overall, I loved the location. The building's architecture was stunning and the rooftop had views of the ocean! For added punch, they painted all of the hallways pink, patterned the stairwells, and installed a bouquet of "balloons" in the main courtyard. I also loved the secret disco coconut room, and the popsicle installation (which was very similar to the banana one from LA, but on a much smaller scale). If you're in Miami, love colors, and love Instagram, this place was made for you! And the best news - unlike other locations that have sold out almost immediately, tickets are still available here!

Check out the video blog here &/or scroll through for all of the photos. All images of me were taken by @ananewyork. Be sure to follow her if you aren't already!

And because there have been a lot of questions, here is the gear that I was carrying with me:
1. Canon 5d Mark III Camera 
2. Canon 50mm f/1.8 
3. Canon 35mm f/2 
4. Canon 16-35mm f/4 
5. Lexar 64gb SD cards
6. Joby UltraFit Camera Strap (fits like a crossbody!)
7. Fujifilm XT-20