Transforming Repurposed Content With Face Reality

March 13, 2023

Think you have to reinvent the wheel every time you need eye-catching content for your Insta feed? Think again! While social media content does have its own unique set of rules, which can change based on the platform (Instagram, TikTok, etc.), there’s no rule against repurposing your old content!

And with Face Reality, that’s exactly what we did! We took bits and pieces of existing assets and freshened them up to create evergreen content tailored specifically to social media. The result? Cohesive, up-leveled video content they can use to show off their brand’s best!

Highlighting the main ingredients

Face Reality makes a big deal of the ingredients they hand-select for their products — and for good reason! Not all natural ingredients are safe to use. Sometimes the ingredients found in “clean beauty” can cause irritation and dry skin. 

But with Face Reality, everything they include is safe and effective, and it’s why they have a 90% success rate for their customers after 3-4 months. So to truly show off that quality, we thought we’d highlight some of the main ingredients!



We also wanted to make sure we touched on the soft and smooth textures — because you don’t need harsh products to get clear skin.


Testimonials are everything

Social proof is the best tool you can have in your marketing tool belt. And when you pair it with on-brand video? The result is truly amazing.


And when that product is a multi-award winner? Even better!

But video testimonials? *chef’s kiss*

Testimonials are great, but anytime you can get a happy customer to speak on camera to rave and review the product is a gold moment — like this one! 


We were also able to get a couple of certified estheticians and acne experts to talk about how Face Reality had been a game changer for them! Talk about some major social proof.


Video can do this for you too!

Whether you’ve got a beauty brand like Face Reality, a yummy treat to show off, or something else entirely, LISH Creative can help you highlight your brand in the best way possible — with dynamic and engaging video content. And with us, you know it’ll always be fun, colorful, and creative!

If that sounds like the kind of content you’re after, let’s get in touch. You can learn more about our stop-motion videos, short-form social videos, and long-form educational or YouTube content here!


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