Stickers Through the Decades: A (Very) Retro Photoshoot

January 25, 2023

At LISH HQ, our favorite hobby has to be indulging in all things throwback. Jelly shoes, butterfly clips, and 80s and 90s jams, Polaroids… you get the idea.

But we got to take it all the way — to the 30s, even — for a recent shoot. In case you missed it on Instagram, we’ve been sourcing a TON of old-school props for a video shoot with long time client Avery. 


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It’s definitely been a project for the books! And because we’re also pretty crafty and clever…we were able to style these props and use them as the PERFECT accessories for our most recent project with Avery.


The “History of Stickers”

Did you know that Avery literally invented the sticker? Cool, right? Well, for National Sticker Day, we thought it would be really fun to show the sticker — and Avery’s brand — has evolved through the decades.

To show off the decades, though, we needed props to really show which time period we were shooting in and that would be easily identifiable. What better way to show all of this off than going all out with a vintage-themed photoshoot?

Check out the end result — it’s like hopping into a time machine! 

The retro props

For our retro shoot, we sourced dozens of authentic props from antique dealers, eBay, and Etsy. We purchased tons of old photos of real people and families. Kind of weird, right?? But it ended up being one of the best props we had!

And here’s the snapshots from our authentic 70s Polaroid camera!

We also got a hold of some old luggage, a counting machine from the 1930s, old business cards, grocery receipts, and junk drawer contents!

Recreating that vintage look

Scoring authentic props was majorly important for nailing this photoshoot, but that’s not the only thing we did. We also had to get the look and feel of the photos and videos down to a T. Our editing team found filters and effects to coincide with each decade. 

The same thing goes for the music! We wanted each unique scene to sound authentic, so that even with your eyes closed, you would have an idea of what decade the music was from!


Pulling it all together

We time-hopped all the way through the 20th century, but one decade, in particular, stood out to us. That’s right — the groovy 70s! How could we resist?? We’re O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with those Polaroids and those VOTE stickers are authentic from the time which is pretty amazing. 

We also love a good backdrop, and we’re finding that sticky wallpaper is the best for “setting the stage,” especially if you’re going for a specific time period or pattern. If you want to see other ways that we’ve used props and backgrounds to pull a shoot together, browse our blog.

Click here to explore prop ideas!

Click here to explore backdrop ideas!

And don’t be shy — follow us on TikTok to see what other wild and creative photos and videos we’re capturing now. 



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