DIY Floral Photo Backdrop

June 29, 2021

Spring is all about the florals, isn’t it? I have the perfect DIY floral photo backdrop you can create — and use over and over again! 

If you saw my rainbow floral backdrop in this TikTok and want to make your own, you totally can. All it takes is a trip to your local craft store (or one quick online shopping spree) and a little free time to DIY your own backdrop. 

@lishcreativePerfect for a spring photoshoot!! Neons are from @britelitetribe ✨🌈 #learnontiktok #tipsandtricks #diyprojects #phototips #diy #photoshootideas♬ SUNNY DAY – Matteo Rossanese

What you’ll need

🌸 Faux flowers

🌸 Wood frame

🌸 Plastic mesh

🌸 Staple gun

🌸 Hot glue gun

You can get any of these supplies at your local arts and crafts shop or hardware store. I also have go-to online shops for picking up the best flowers (faux and real) for all my photoshoots. 

When in doubt, there’s always Amazon, too! Check out my Amazon Favorites page, where I’ve linked some of my favorite props, photo backdrop accessories and supplies, and studio gear.

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to assemble your flower photo backdrop!

Attach the mesh to the wood frame

First, attach the plastic mesh to the wood frame using your staple gun.

Arrange flowers on the mesh

Then, arrange your faux flowers on the mesh and start hot gluing them in place!

If you’re not sure where you want your flowers to go yet or what pattern you want to make, just place the blooms first. When you’re ready, then you can start to hot glue them to the mesh.

Bonus tip: Create your own art piece

Wanna know a secret? This flower photo backdrop isn’t just a backdrop.

You can add a neon sign with zip ties to turn it into something completely new: a cool art piece to hang on your wall in your home or in your studio! 

I always get my custom neons from Brite Lite Tribe; you’ve probably seen their work on my Instagram in this studio wall art and in this video I produced for them.

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