How to Use Wrapping Paper as a Backdrop

December 30, 2020

Ready for a fun holiday hack that puts your extra gift wrap to good use? If you’re tired of the same old, same old photo backdrops you’ve been using, switch things up and use wrapping paper as a photo backdrop instead!

All you need is the gift wrap you already have hidden away in your home or studio, some painters tape, and a little creativity. Check out my tips below!

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‘Tis the season

It’s holiday season, so I’m betting you have all your red, green, blue, silver, or white gift wrap ready to go at home. Put that wrapping paper to good use in your shoots! 

Wrapping paper looks great for extreme closeups of products, like this delicious candy shot with a candy cane colored backdrop. You can see in this shot for Norman Love Confections how I used the entire roll as a backdrop and a prop. 


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Other fun patterns, colors, and textures

Not all wrapping paper is holiday-themed, which means you can use all kinds of wrapping paper as photo backdrops year-round! I love wrapping paper that makes a statement, and I love repurposing bold and fun wrapping paper for all sorts of photoshoots. 

Like this vibrant polka dot wrapping paper I used in a shot for natural beauty brand Yes To. It matches their product perfectly, doesn’t it?


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Or this sparkly wrapping paper in shades of pink and red! It was really fun combining black paper and silver stars to create starbursts for this cosmic photoshoot.


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And, okay, I’m cheating with another holiday shot, but the wrapping paper I used here isn’t holiday-themed itself (even though all the candies and treats in the photo are). It’s a marble pattern! This type of gift wrap can be used over and over again in all your shoots.


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Painter’s tape is your BFF

Repurposing and reusing materials is one of the best ways you can be creative and keep shoots budget-friendly. 

What’s great about wrapping paper is that you don’t have to cut pieces out every time you use it as a photo backdrop! You can simply roll out a big section, tape down those curling ends with painter’s tape, and reroll it when you’re finished. 

Need wrapping paper for a flatlay? Lay out more than you think you’ll need onto a table or floor so you don’t have to keep readjusting the roll and tape down the corners. Place your products and props on top and shoot away! 

How about a straight-on shot? Gift wrap works here, too! Simply tape the ends against a wall or cabinet and bam, you have a commitment-free photo backdrop


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