Highlighting the Power of Protein with New No Cow Mighty Treats

June 12, 2023

What’s dairy-free, sugar-free, packed with protein, and oh-so-delicious? NoCow Mighty Treats!

We’ve worked with No Cow before to help them showcase their energy bars, but with a new line of delicious snacks, we teamed up yet again. And they called the right people, because we sure do love us some sweet treats — even the sugar-free variety!

Take a peek at some sa-weet content

Our project with No Cow included creating promo material for their new Mighty Treats, a line of “better for you” desserts. You can watch the final video below, but we can’t wait to unpack working with mountains of chocolate peanut butter cups and marshmallows. Yum!


The perfect duo

Chocolate and peanut butter make the best snack duo! They also make for fun props to get creative with. We crafted some gorgeous PB and chocolate swirls, plus used the ingredients to make some fun lettering (which you can see in the final video)! 

Marshmallows aren’t just for s’mores

If you thought chocolate and peanut butter sounded good, just wait until you see the ultimate snack setup we made for their Marshmallow Crunchies Bar!


Packed with protein

Since the main focus of these new treats was the protein inside, we got creative and found lots of ways to showcase the main ingredient. We even turned a few boxes into a dumbbells! How’s that for packed with protein? 

See what stop motion videos can do for you too!

No matter what you’ve got on deck, LISH Creative can help you showcase your brand with colorful, fun, and engaging video. That’s the power of stop motion! If that sounds like the kind of content you need in your life, contact us here!


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