Food Styling Trick: Salt Rim Margaritas

April 8, 2021

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I don’t know about you guys, but with warmer temps coming, I have spring and summer treats on the brain. I’ll take all the fresh fruit, pastel-colored Easter candy, and pretty flowers, please!

Plus, there’s nothing like chillin’ by the pool or on the beach with a refreshing drink in your hand. (Or thinking about it, if you’re nowhere near the water.) 

Maybe that’s why I recently shared this sneaky food styling trick for making the perfect salt rim margarita! Keep reading to find out how I put the delicious drink together in a recent photoshoot.


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How to get flaked salt to stay put

The biggest problem I ran into when shooting a salt rim margarita was getting the salt to stay in place on my margarita glass. That’s when I came up with this easy and inexpensive food styling trick: using Vaseline to get the salt to stick.

First, brush Vaseline onto the rim of a margarita glass using a small paintbrush, a makeup brush, or even a Q-tip. Get both sides of the glass for good coverage!

Then, pour out salt onto a flat surface or paper plate—I like flaked salt best—and dip the Vaseline-covered rim of your glass into the salt. Gently twist and grind the glass into the salt so it sticks to all the Vaseline. You can even pat the salt onto the glass to cover any missed spots. 

And that’s it! Without the Vaseline, the salt won’t be as thick or as noticeable in your shots. This simple trick makes a margarita look extra yummy and eye-catching in a photo.

seagrams escapes margarita marketing

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