LISH x Sharper Image Commercial Photoshoot Recap

April 13, 2021

Time for another client case study! If you enjoyed seeing the process and the photos behind my Fun Wine photoshoot, I’m back with another commercial photoshoot recap for you.

The client: Sharper Image

I had the opportunity to team up with Sharper Image to promote their new line of electronics sold at Bed Bath & Beyond. How could I not work with them on this project? Look at how fun and colorful this new line is!

Sharper image wireless technology neon colors


Sharper image earphones neon colors


Sharper image colorful headphone cases clips

How we styled their products

Sharper Image’s new line featured wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, charging pads, car mounts, and power banks in bright, bold colors and fun patterns. How were we going to style and promote these new products?

To appeal to a Gen Z and millennial audience, we decided on two different types of photos. The first was a product-centric setup that really let the electronic shine.

Sharper image wireless earbud colorful charging pad

A plain black background made these bold colors pop.

Sharper image corded charger

Instead of a black background, I thought this peachy blush would contrast better against the product. (And match my scrunchie, of course.)

Sharper image blue charging accessories

You know I love a pretty monochromatic flatlay!

The second type was to focus on lifestyle settings. These let the viewer imagine the product being used at their desk, in their office, at school, wherever!

Sharper image tie dye charging station

The best thing about showcasing a tie-dye product is how many other colors you can use in the props and background. Gimme #allthecolors.

Sharper image earphones desktop

This is when having a lot of vibrant, colorful props on hand really comes in handy.

Sharper image charging accessories beach outdoor

Sharper Image’s new products aren’t just for indoors. I thought it would be cool to create a lifestyle setup that looked like a day at the beach!

We also produced product videos along with photos. Videos add movement and interest, and can sometimes be more attention-grabbing than photos.

Woman wearing Sharper image blue headphones

Yep, I even stepped in as a model for one of the headphone and Bluetooth speaker videos!

Wanna work with brands like Sharper Image?

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