Product Styling Finds on Amazon

March 2, 2021

Product Styling Finds on Amazon

As a photographer and stylist, I use a lot of objects and tools to put together shots. But some of my favorite product styling items are ones that I can use (and reuse) in lots of different ways! These items are usually inexpensive on Amazon, so I definitely get my money’s worth out of them.

Keep reading to see my top five must-have product styling finds from Amazon!

Sticky tack and Museum Gel

Sticky tack and Museum Gel are essential products for my photoshoots! They help keep products in place after I’ve styled and arranged them for a shot.

Sticky tack is awesome because it’s a reusable white adhesive. It doesn’t show through paper, and it doesn’t stain surfaces. The fact that you can buy it for such a low price and reuse it so much makes it one of my favorite budget-friendly product styling finds.

I use sticky tack a lot in my shoots, but especially flatlays! In this flatlay, I applied sticky tack to keep every little office item in their spot, especially those pesky pencils that could have rolled out of the shot.


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Museum Gel is just like sticky tack, but it’s a clear adhesive rather than a white one. It’s perfect for holding glass and crystal in place. You can also use it when you’d rather not have white sticky tack showing in your photo, like I did in this photo of an impossible stack of cherries!

Wood blocks and acrylic blocks

I’ve talked about wood and acrylic blocks in a blog post about photo props before, but only because they’re just so dang useful in photoshoots! 

Blocks let you play around with different heights in your shots. And if you want to elevate the main product you’re shooting so that it’s the focus of your photo, you can easily do it with a wood or acrylic block.

In this delicious fresh fruit arrangement, I used clear acrylic blocks to give the client products and fruit in the back a boost. It gives the photo more depth and makes it more visually interesting, doesn’t it?


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For this cute and spooky Halloween shoot, I elevated the product on a wooden block and placed it front and center so it could get all the attention. I painted the block pink to match the styling and really make the photo pop, too.

Fake ice

“Why not use real ice in photos?!” I’ve heard that one before! 

While real ice is a nice idea, the answer is simple: it melts too fast! When you spend a lot of time setting up your props and backdrop and lighting and camera gear, you don’t want to look at your products and find that your ice is gone and all that’s left is a puddle of water.

That’s why I like to use two different kinds of fake ice for my shoots. Fake crushed ice rocks are more imperfect and oddly shaped. Sometimes I’ll use fake acrylic ice cubes, which are more square and refined looking.

Both types of fake ice look great in photos for cold beverages, whether you’re shooting sodas or wine coolers or cocktails. You can see I used fake ice in this shot for a tasty tropical beverage and this shot for a hydrating electrolyte drink. I even “spilled” fake ice in this shot to make it more fun! 


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Get my exact product styling faves!

If you’re looking for the exact brand of items I love to use for product styling, check out the Amazon Favorites link on my website! 

From there you can see my favorite props, phone accessories, photo gear, photo backgrounds, and studio decor finds on Amazon. Happy shopping!


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