Make a Tropical Floral Background in 3 Simple Steps

October 6, 2020

Ever look at a gorgeous floral background in a photo and think, “I could never make that on my own.” Or, “That looks pricey… but it’s so pretty.”

I have news for you: You can make your own tropical floral background like the one below without breaking the bank. In fact, I’ll show you how! [Want to watch instead? Click here.]

lish creative tropical floral background

What might you use this tropical floral background for? Maybe for an arch at a beach-themed wedding, a tropical baby shower or bachelorette party, or as a backdrop for your own photography shoots. The choice is yours! Whatever you want to use it for, here’s what you’ll need…

Items to collect for your tropical floral photo background 

⭐️ A C-stand

⭐️ Chicken wire

⭐️ Wire cutters

⭐️ Gloves

⭐️ Flowers!

⭐️ Floral tape (optional)

⭐️ Sticky tack (optional)

Got everything? Cool. Now on to the next steps…

1. Wrap the stand in wire

Slap on that pair of gloves to protect your hands and wrap your C-stand in chicken wire. I used wire from a 3 ft x 25 ft roll but of course you probably won’t use the whole roll…and you can always reuse this chicken wire for a different project!

2. Insert leaves and florals through the wire

I started placing the leaves and florals into the wire first. Remember that giant Monstera leaf I mentioned in this blog? Spot it in this Instagram post, too. I still can’t get over how huge and beautiful it was!

Anyway, if you need a little help getting your plants and blooms to stay upright in the chicken wire, you may want to use floral tape or sticky tack. It’ll give your floral arrangement an extra boost and hold to the chicken wire.

3. Use a pretty mix of florals

My love for flowers — faux and fresh — is serious business. I can’t get enough of them, and I love using them as photo props! For this tropical shoot, I picked a mix of real and faux florals, but it’s pretty hard to tell them apart, right? That’s the power of great props and good styling 😉

Looking for more styling advice?

Now that you know how to build your own tropical floral background, you might be thinking of all the other ways you can DIY your props and backdrops! If so, you’ll love my course, Slay the Flatlay! It’s perfect for business owners, aspiring photographers, content creators, bloggers, and others in the creative industry! 

slay the flatlay course lish creative

With Slay the Flatlay, you get access to over 4 hours of instruction and over 20 modules on photography, styling, props and backgrounds, gear, and lots of other fun stuff.

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